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Link Polygon Apparatus


The mechanical assembly is furnished with fivelinkages and connectors, havinghooks to which skillet are hung.These are settled between two pulleys around which rope isrun to associate with two expa...

Parallel Forces Apparatus Overhang Beam Type


The contraption is with two round dialtype 10kg. expansion spring balances.Complete with reasonable stands, allwooden pillar, with scale .and openings atregular interims, four stirrups, snares andt...

Parallelogram Of Force Apparatus


A wooden leading body of 50x60 cm. with divider sections, twofrictionless clasp pulleys, and three arrangement of opened weights ofiron nickelled each set containing four weight and one hangerof 50...

Polygon & Triangle Of Forces Apparatus


The slate is made of wood and fixedwithin a wooden opened casing of over all size75x70 ems. Four frictionless pulleys areadjustable in the openings of the casing and theframe is given appropriate a...

Triangle & Parallelogram Of Forces Apparatus


The writing board is made of wood and fixedwithin a wooden opened casing of over all size75x70 ems. Four frictionless pulleys areadjustable in the spaces of the edge and theframe is given reasonabl...

Universal Force Table


For tentatively confirming the laws of triangle, parallelogram and polygon of powers. Containing a roundabout 40 cm. distance across aluminum plate, graduated into 360 degrees. Finish with leveling...

Gunn Oscillator


Gunn oscillators are utilized to create the microwave flag and its micrometer is utilized to tune the yield recurrence of gunn oscillator. We are fabricating gunn oscillator from 4ghz to 110ghz..

Gunn Power Supply


This is a Micro controller based Equipment with LCD. The critical component of this instrument is the concurrent show of Voltage and Current which is the essential and vital prerequisite of V-I Cha...

Klystron Power Supply


Klystron control supply, is a best in class strong state, managed control supply for working low power klystrons. It joins various restrictive highlights.

Klystron Tube


A klystron is a particular direct pillar vacuum tube (emptied electron tube). They are utilized as a part of advancements for high-control applications, for example, synchrotron and radar framework...

MIC Trainer


We have in store for our customers a quality scope of MIC mentor that is accessible .Our microwave incorporated aerobic instructor involves distinctive parts and assistants to ponder the attributes...

Microwave RF Power Meter


A microwave control meter will comprise of an estimating head which contains the real power detecting component associated by means of a link to the meter, which reports the power perusing. The hea...

Microwave Test Bench


Our clients can profit from us quality scope of microwave test seat that is low on cost and high on execution. These test seats are exactness made microwave frameworks that utilization standard wri...

VSWR Meter


This is a microcontroller based gear with lcd. The simple meters have various scales which makes the instrument exceptionally confused for the understudies. The computerized show of swr & d...

A.C. High Voltage Tester


They test vacuum tubes, high voltage capacitors, vacuum relays, etc.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test Appratus


It is having the characteristic of boosting the pressure automatically with suitable pressure gauge, hour totalizer, isolating / bleeding system.

Analog High Voltage Insulation Tester


Analog High Voltage Insulation Tester.

Demonstration Horizontal Meter


Accuracy :&±2.5 F.S.D Scale Length :&85 mm approx Overall Size :&140x140x45..

Demonstration Vertical Meter


Type :&Vertical Accuracy :&± 2.5FSD Scale Length :&80mm (Approx) Overall Size :&115 x&115 x&175mm Approx Stand :&Wooden with sunmica pasted..

Digital Insulation Tester


Digital Insulation Tester