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Base Condensing Unit


Specialized Description The benchtop unit incorporates the parts of a refrigeration unit, which builds the weight of the working medium and recools it. These are the compressor and the condenser. A...

Set of Training Panels


Specialized Description Consists of 11 distinctive preparing boards that can be mounted separately on the fundamental unit. With the guide of the required frill incorporated, the preparation boards...

Advanced Modular Refrigeration System


Specialized Description A gathering unit and a refrigeration chamber with incorporated evaporator and an electric radiator, a power supply and a casing to mount preparing boards frame the essential...

Basic Modular Refrigeration System


Specialized Description Using this preparation framework different basic pressure refrigeration frameworks can be set up. Parts prepared for utilize are fitted to 8 module boards: compressor, conde...

Tool Set

Specialized Description Consists of a filled tool stash made of plastic. The accompanying instruments will be provided, one piece each: pipe shaper, customizable spanner, creasing device with strung s...

Assembly & Maintenance Exercise Refrigeration

Specialized Description Using, understudies can create aptitudes on the most proficient method to attempt a mind boggling building venture. The abilities created are the arranging, execution and check...

Heat Pump with Dual Mode Evaporator

Specialized Description This minimal benchtop unit contains segments that are ordinarily utilized as a part of mechanical frameworks. A unique component of this framework is that the evaporator can be...

Industrial Refrigeration Trainer PC

Specialized Description The Industrial Refrigeration Trainer with PC Data Acquisition is a completely utilitarian model of a refrigeration framework including 2 evaporators that speak to a refrigerati...

Heat Transfer in a Refrigeration System

Specialized Description Refrigeration frameworks and warmth pumps are comparative in plan, the previous is utilized for cooling while the last is utilized for warming. The smaller and obviously laid o...

Refrigeration Cycle with Open Compressor

Specialized Description The warmth exchanged to and from a refrigeration circuit can be researched with this reduced benchtop unit. The evaporator contains two electrical warmers that are utilized as ...

Experimental Module Refrigeration System

Technical Description The facilitates fundamental experiments in the area of refrigeration engineering. The unit contains a closed refrigerant circuit with open compressor, a condenser with switchable...

Domestic Refrigeration Trainer PC

Specialized Description The framework shows the activity of a pressure refrigeration unit. A shut, protected chamber is cooled utilizing a refrigeration circuit including a compressor, condenser, evap...

Basic Cycle Refrigeration Trainer Data Acquisition


Heat Pump Training System PC

Specialized Description The warmth pump extricates warm from the surrounding air and uses it to warm a water circuit. Segments plainly laid out on a board give a decent review of the guideline of acti...

Refrigeration Technology Demonstration Panel

Specialized Description The framework is intended for the exhibition of the cyclic procedure on the p-h state outline. The trial set-up is plainly organized on a metal board with a framework schematic...

Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle

Specialized Description A basic refrigeration circuit is shown with this unmistakably laid out benchtop unit. The vanishing and buildup forms are effectively seen through the glass segments. The capac...

Basic Refrigeration System

Specialized Description The framework contains the majority of the parts found in an ordinary family unit cooler. The completely practical refrigeration compartment can cool nourishment or beverages. ...

Basic Heat Pump Demonstrator

Specialized Description This unmistakably laid out model shows the guideline of task of a straightforward warmth pump. Warmth is exchanged starting with one chamber then onto the next by means of warm...

Cutaway Model Hermetic Refrigerant Compressor

Specialized Description Hermetic refrigerant compressors like, e.g., the have a welded sheet steel lodging. The drive engine and refrigerant compressor are fitted in this case. Not at all like open co...

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