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Refrigeration Wiring Skills Trainer

Specialized Description The unit was intended for preparing on refrigeration building. Electrical beginning, working, and control units as are essential for the sheltered task of a refrigeration frame...

Split System Air Conditioner

Specialized Description Using this unit the format and guideline of activity of split frameworks can be illustrated. Split frameworks are utilized as a part of both new structures and furthermore in r...

Trainer Refrigeration Control

Specialized Description The treatment of a case controller as utilized as a part of business cooling units can be prepared with the benchtop unit. The case controller with programming unit, extension ...

Rotary Scroll Compressor / Vane Compressor

Worked: Manually Equipment Layout: On Base.

Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus


The set up comprises of substantial stainless steel circle mounted on a flat shaft, pivoted by a variable speed engine. The rotor shaft is coupled to an engine mounted on a trunion outline having d...

Journal Bearing Apparatus


Diary bearing mechanical assembly to investigate the circulation of weight in slide heading represents the guideline of hydrodynamic grease. The dissemination of weight and the conveying limit can ...

Whirling Of Shaft Apparatus


At the point when the characteristic recurrence of a framework concurs with the outside driving framework recurrence the wonder is called reverberation. The speed at which reverberation happens is ...

Universal Vibration Apparatus


The mechanical assembly gave exhaustive unit to play out the vibration tests. An all inclusive edge is given whereupon fast and simple get together of different trials should be possible. The unit ...

Cam Analysis Apparatus-


Mechanical assembly is a mechanized unit comprising of a camshaft driven by a variable speed engine. The pole keeps running in a twofold bearing. The free end of the camshaft has an office to mount...

Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus


This gear is intended for doing the investigation for adjusting a pivot mass framework. The contraption comprises of a stainless steel shaft settled in a rectangular edge. An arrangement of four sq...

Universal Governor Apparatus


The set-up is intended to think about the working of various governors ordinarily used to control the speed. It comprises of a principle shaft, mounted vertically on the base plate. This shaft is d...

Michel Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus


The device comprises of a cushion, which can be tilted to the required point. An unending belt, which moves underneath the cushion, conveys the oil over its surface from oil shower. At the point wh...

Slip & Creep Measurement Apparatus


This contraption is valuable for estimation of energy transmitted for different information control conditions with shifted belt strain. Belt slip or crawl likewise can be estimated. The mechanical...

Motorised Governor Apparatus


The unit has a base on which bearing holders and driving engine are mounted to end conditions for test shafts i.e. two finishes are settled or one end settled. This mechanical assembly is intended ...

Worm And Wheel Single Start, 30:1 Ratio


Highlights Low cost, viable showing Self-contained Wall mounted Introduction to basic machines Determination of speed proportion mechanical favorable position and productivity Three year guarantee ...

Whirling Of Shafts Demonstrator


Spinning Of Shafts Demonstrator The set up is intended to think about the spinning of shafts. The set-up comprises of a solid M.S. outline, variable speed engine bearing holders and so forth.. Dive...

Vibration Of Single Degree Of Freedom System


Vibration Of Single Degree Of Freedom System - Engineering Lab Training Systems Leveraging on our times of involvement, we can offer our customers a wide exhibit of Vibration Test Rig. The offered ...



Gyrator - Engineering Lab Training Systems This whirligig was first delivered in 1917 under the name of 'Chandler gyroscope'. It has remained generally unaltered and has been an exe...

Coriolis Force Demonstrator


Coriolis Force Demonstrator - Engineering Lab Training Systems Reaction turbine show unit, intended for activity in conjunction with the HM 290 Turbine Service Unit. The turbine unit is set on the ...

Gyroscopic Wheel


Highlights Low cost, compelling educating. High visual effect. Helps comprehension of gyroscopic. precession through "hands on" inclusion. Three year guarantee. Scope of Experimen...