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Governor Models with Rotator


An astounding arrangement of four governors watt's Loaded, Porter andHartnell, type with hand pivoting gadget. The rotator has astandard throw and a segment cut throttle valve. At the point...

Rotating Arrangement


Appropriate for turning any of the over (605 & 606) governormodel..

Sectional Working Model Of 2 Stroke Petrol Enginer


All parts in aluminum combination and metal. Start isshown by methods for smaller than normal globule. Carburetor and fuel supply are separated. With acrank handle for manual task. Mounted onpolish...

Sectional Working Model Of 4 Stroke Petrol Engine


All parts made in aluminum composite and metal.Ignition is appeared by methods for a little bulb.Car buretter and fuel supply are likewise sectioned.With a wrench handle for manual operation.Mounte...

Stuffing Box


In two sections, demonstrating stuffing box and organ, an all metallicand appropriately built area cut model mounted onbase..

Throttle Valve


An all metallic segment slice model to exhibit the workingof the framework. Finish mounted on base..

Walscharet Valve Gear


An all metallic portion cut model to display the workingof the structure. Complete mounted on base..

Wankel Engine


The model shows the rule activity. It Is out wayto demonstrate the inward constructional points of interest. Not at all like otherengines the revolving cylinder motor abstains from responding parts...

Watt Governors


Straightforward funnel shaped pendulum write are provided in three structures. Huge and substantial size models. Chromium plated and exceptionally wrapped up. (I) Ordinary (ii) Early (iii) Cross ar...

Joy Valve Gear


It Is showing model with every metallic part, mounted onwell finished vertical wooden board. The model utilizes noeccentrics. The framework is by and large connected to locomotiveengine..

Allan Link Motion


A show demonstrate. It is mix of Stephenson andGooch interface movements. In this framework the connection Is straight andreversal Is affected by at the same time moving the connection square inopp...

Gooch Link Motion


An exhibition display with every single metallic part mounted on avertical finished wooden board. The model utilizes twoeccentrics and movement is granted to the connection by methods for tworods a...

Stephenson Link Motion


An exhibition demonstrate with every single metallic part mounted on avertical finished wooden base board. The model employstwo whimsies and movement Is granted to the connection by implies oftwo a...

Model of Corliss Valve Steam Engine


In this sectional show demonstrate four wavering valvesare gave at each finish of the chamber, two for admissionand two for deplete. Valves are worked through suitablelinks with a wrist plate which...

Model of Mayer Expansion Valve Steam Engine


The motor model Is outfitted with two slide valves which areoperated by particular unconventionalities demonstrating the doubleexpansion plates the Mayer motor fitted on a threadedspindle and can b...

Model of Drop Valve Steam Engine


Sectional exhibit show. Isolate group andexhaust valves are given at each finish of the cylinderfour valves In all. Valves are driven by cams and give fixedpoints of confirmation, cut off. discharg...

Model of Uniflow Steam Engine


This exhibition display demonstrates the working of a mildexhaust steam motor, The chamber is sectionised and ateach end drop valves are fitted through which steamenters. Finish with terrifically e...

Model of Compound Steam Engine 1


A substantial size segment cut exhibition demonstrate. H.P.cylinder is given a cylinder valve and L.P. with a 0valve. Finish with jacketed recipient mounted onpolished wooden board 65x50 cm In meas...

Model Of Piston Valve Steam Engine


The cut way exhibit demonstrate demonstrating the working ofa cylinder valve steam motor. Every single metallic part fitted onnear around 50x30crn I all around finished wooden board..

Steam Engine Zero Slide Valve


An all metallic legitimate built model. Cylinder, Cylinderand Steam chest are appeared into equal parts segment. Twoconnecting poles, one associated! to sliding valve and theother to the cylinder a...