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Slides Science Labs Frog Blood Film, Smear.

Human Skeleton


Human Skeleton Science Labs.

Metrology and Quality Control Lab Equipments


Metrology and Quality Control Lab Equipments Backed by a group of master experts, we can deliver a thorough scope of Metrology And Quality Control Lab Equipments. These items are being fabricated u...

MG Set Lab Equipment


MG Set Lab Equipment Outer burden made up of High penetrability steel. Bigger size of direction for longer life and inconvenience free tasks. Appropriate copper conduit with best quality protected ...

Projection Microscope


Projection Microscope Science Lab Projection Microscope - Projection Microscope for school labs, instructive establishments colleges - We are one of the main exporters of Projection Microscope, We ...

Cross Head


Aluminum combination cast and appropriately developed model.Complete with control..

Eccentric Model


Sheave and tie are in two sections, attached with jolts andlubricator.An all metallic and legitimately built model..

Gas Turbines Or Turbojet Engine


The area cut model is constructedof light and solid metal indicating Airintake, Axial stream twofold stagecompressor. Fuel supply, CombustionChamber, Turbine rotar, Jet Thrust, Exhaust and so on. C...

Governor Models


All metallic working models, chromium plated and highlyfinished. (A) Loaded Governor (B) Porter Governor (C) Hartnell Governor..

Governor Models with Rotator


An astounding arrangement of four governors watt's Loaded, Porter andHartnell, type with hand pivoting gadget. The rotator has astandard throw and a segment cut throttle valve. At the point...

Rotating Arrangement


Appropriate for turning any of the over (605 & 606) governormodel..

Sectional Working Model Of 2 Stroke Petrol Enginer


All parts in aluminum combination and metal. Start isshown by methods for smaller than normal globule. Carburetor and fuel supply are separated. With acrank handle for manual task. Mounted onpolish...

Sectional Working Model Of 4 Stroke Petrol Engine


All parts made in aluminum composite and metal.Ignition is appeared by methods for a little bulb.Car buretter and fuel supply are likewise sectioned.With a wrench handle for manual operation.Mounte...

Stuffing Box


In two sections, demonstrating stuffing box and organ, an all metallicand appropriately built area cut model mounted onbase..

Throttle Valve


An all metallic segment slice model to exhibit the workingof the framework. Finish mounted on base..

Walscharet Valve Gear


An all metallic portion cut model to display the workingof the structure. Complete mounted on base..

Wankel Engine


The model shows the rule activity. It Is out wayto demonstrate the inward constructional points of interest. Not at all like otherengines the revolving cylinder motor abstains from responding parts...

Watt Governors


Straightforward funnel shaped pendulum write are provided in three structures. Huge and substantial size models. Chromium plated and exceptionally wrapped up. (I) Ordinary (ii) Early (iii) Cross ar...

Joy Valve Gear


It Is showing model with every metallic part, mounted onwell finished vertical wooden board. The model utilizes noeccentrics. The framework is by and large connected to locomotiveengine..

Allan Link Motion


A show demonstrate. It is mix of Stephenson andGooch interface movements. In this framework the connection Is straight andreversal Is affected by at the same time moving the connection square inopp...