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Gooch Link Motion


An exhibition display with every single metallic part mounted on avertical finished wooden board. The model utilizes twoeccentrics and movement is granted to the connection by methods for tworods a...

Stephenson Link Motion


An exhibition demonstrate with every single metallic part mounted on avertical finished wooden base board. The model employstwo whimsies and movement Is granted to the connection by implies oftwo a...

Model of Corliss Valve Steam Engine


In this sectional show demonstrate four wavering valvesare gave at each finish of the chamber, two for admissionand two for deplete. Valves are worked through suitablelinks with a wrist plate which...

Model of Mayer Expansion Valve Steam Engine


The motor model Is outfitted with two slide valves which areoperated by particular unconventionalities demonstrating the doubleexpansion plates the Mayer motor fitted on a threadedspindle and can b...

Model of Drop Valve Steam Engine


Sectional exhibit show. Isolate group andexhaust valves are given at each finish of the cylinderfour valves In all. Valves are driven by cams and give fixedpoints of confirmation, cut off. discharg...

Model of Uniflow Steam Engine


This exhibition display demonstrates the working of a mildexhaust steam motor, The chamber is sectionised and ateach end drop valves are fitted through which steamenters. Finish with terrifically e...

Model of Compound Steam Engine 1


A substantial size segment cut exhibition demonstrate. H.P.cylinder is given a cylinder valve and L.P. with a 0valve. Finish with jacketed recipient mounted onpolished wooden board 65x50 cm In meas...

Model Of Piston Valve Steam Engine


The cut way exhibit demonstrate demonstrating the working ofa cylinder valve steam motor. Every single metallic part fitted onnear around 50x30crn I all around finished wooden board..

Steam Engine Zero Slide Valve


An all metallic legitimate built model. Cylinder, Cylinderand Steam chest are appeared into equal parts segment. Twoconnecting poles, one associated! to sliding valve and theother to the cylinder a...

Steam Engine Model with a Boiler


Activity of a business steam motor is well illustratedwith this working model. The additional expansive size unit Isprovided with a level heater with a shriek, safetyvalve, steam measure, warming l...

Model of Steam Engine


An all metallic and diverting working model. The brasscylinder is area cut and Is secured with a glass plate.Complete with working parts. cylinder, slide valve, linkmotion and switching technique c...

Air Conditioning Unit



· A total, upgradeable, instrumented aerating and cooling unit mounted on a steel edge and castor wheels. 

· Upgrades might be included at...

Universal Testing Machine


General testing machine is an instrument that is utilized to test the elasticity and compressive quality of materials. It is broadly utilized as a part of research centers and ventures for experime...

Fatigue Testing Machine


Weakness testing machines are utilized to proffer genuine weights on different segments and materials to test their versatility, quality and stress bearing limits. As such, Fatigue testing is a dyn...

IZOD Impact Testing Machine


1. In Izod Impact Testing Machine, a solitary point test is directed which evaluates a material's protection from affect from an influencing pendulum. 

2. Izod effect can be c...

Deflection Of Beams Apparatus


Highlights Rigid base and backings Choice of end conditions a) cut edge b) worked in Beams or cantilevers Deflection and incline quantifiable Three year warrantyRange of Experiments Verification of...

Advanced Beam Testing Apparatus


Savvy Teaching Comprehensive hypothesis of shafts Simple and propped cantilevers Simply upheld, settled and persistent bars Three wharfs measure positive and negative responses Piers incorporate a ...

Torsion Of Bars Apparatus


Highlights Low savvy showing Self-contained Bench-mounted Direct use of torque and estimation of edge of curve Determination of modulus of unbending nature for various materials 3 year warrantyRang...

Eccentrically Loaded Tie Apparatus


Highlights Low cost, powerful showing Self-contained Bench-mounted Combined twisting and strain Three whimsies Three year warrantyRange of Experiments To quantify the vertical bowing redirection of...

Extension Of Wires Apparatus


Highlights Low financially savvy showing Self-contained Wall-mounted Simple assurance of Young s modulus Verification of hooke s law Range of example material and thickness accessible 3 year guaran...