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Biological O2 Demand Apparatus (BOD)


Organic O2 Demand Apparatus (BOD) The BODTrak mechanical assembly includes simple set-up, speedy example arrangements, no titration weakenings. The unit gives comes about specifically in mg/l and w...

Cleaveland Flash & Fire Point Apparatus


Cleaveland Flash & Fire Point Apparatus Flash Point For deciding the glimmer and fire purposes of oil based commodities, aside from fuel oils and those items having and open glass streak be...

Gearbox with Clutch (5 Forward Gears and Reverse)


Fundamental Technical Specifications: Dry single-plate grip with spring and stomach The grasp is worked mechanically by meansof a foot pedal for preparing purposes Operated: Manually (Through a Han...

Micro pipets (variable volume 0-5 ml)


Smaller scale pipets (variable volume 0-5 ml) Pipette - We offer High Performance Laboratory Glassware according to specialized detail and delicate necessities for labs, instructive foundations &am...

Gas analyzer kit


Gas analyzer pack Chromatography Equipments - Gas Chromatograph Touch Screen Hydrogen Determinator Zero Air Generators Hydrogen Gas Generators Gas Chromatography HPLC Column Oven Process Temperatur...

Gearbox with Clutch (4 Forward Gears and Reverse)


Fundamental Technical Specifications: Dry single-plate grip with spring and stomach The grasp is worked mechanically by meansof a foot pedal for preparing purposes Operated: Manually (Through a Han...

Gearbox with Differential (5 Forward Gears and Reverse)


Worked: Manually (Through a Crank Handle) Equipment Layout: On Stand with Wheels.

Semi Batch Reactor


Semi Batch Reactor An isothermal semi-cluster reactor is a semi-shut framework with one information stream. It is worked under conditions like Isothermal (Temperature of Reaction Mass stays consist...

Step inputs Study Kit


Step inputs Study Kit The Inverter Trainer is a flexible preparing System for Laboratories. It is outlined to such an extent that every one of the nuts and bolts of Inverter can be effortlessly com...

NeoTech UV reactors


NeoTech UV reactors Facilitated by actually propelled process, we are introducing a recognized gathering of UV Reactors for Advanced Oxidation Processes. Our offered reactors are totally pressed wi...

Free Chlorine Analyzer


Free Chlorine Analyzer Free & Total Chlorine/PH/Temperature Analyzer, Range: Free & Total Chlorine Range:Free & Total CL2 0.00 TO 5.00 MG/L (PPM) PH 0.00 TO 14.00 PH Tempera...

Gearbox (5 Forward Gears and Reverse)


Hardware Layout: Gearbox on Panel Operated: Manually Equipment Layout: Gearbox on Stand with Wheels Operated: Manually (Through a Hand Wheel).

RTD Plug Flow Studies Kit


RTD Plug Flow Studies Kit In a perfect Plug Flow Reactor {PFTP} there is no blending toward stream and finish blending opposite to course of stream. Centralization of reactants fluctuates along the...

Cycle refrigeration trainer


Cycle refrigeration coach Reverse cycle and cooling preparing unit, specialized showing hardware for designing - Hoverlabs Reverse Cycle Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Training Unit Trainer is ...

Water to air heat pump


Water to air warm pump The Basic Module Water Pumps is a piece of a hardware arrangement that encourages the examination of an extensive variety of motors and machines. Diverse water pumps can be w...

Cold storage trainer


Chilly stockpiling coach This unit comprises of a hermetically fixed compressor with air cooled condenser. A narrow or extension valves are by condensers took after by medium temperature evaporator...

Gearbox with Differential (5 Forward Gears, Reverse and Hydraulic Control Clutch)


Worked: Manually (Through a Hand Wheel) Equipment Layout: On a Stand-table Support.

Nataurel convection and Radiation apparatus


Nataurel convection and Radiation mechanical assembly The setup comprises of a metal tube fitted in a rectangular pipe in a vertical mold. The pipe is open at the best and base, and structures a wa...

Multi heat exchanger


Multi warm exchanger We are occupied with offering our customers an astounding scope of Heat Exchanger. These warmth exchangers are in charge of exchanging of warmth. In addition, we offer our whol...

PID level control trainer


PID level control mentor remain solitary instrument, comprising of, a Microprocessor as a controller. PID control permits changing the Proportional, Integral, Derivative groups. Recreated yield hav...