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Gearbox with Differential (6 Forward Gears and Reverse)


Worked: Manually (Through a Hand Wheel) Equipment Layout: On Stand with Wheels.

Steering Box with Hourglass Screw


Worked: Manually Equipment Layout: On Base.

Opposed piston Engine


Primary Technical Specifications: Lycoming/Piaggio/Continental 6-contradicted cylindersengine Air cooling Gear appropriation with camshaft in the crankcase Ignition with magneto Single-body carbure...

PID temperature control trainer


PID temperature control mentor Temperature control coach is intended for understanding the fundamental temperature control standards. The procedure setup comprises of warming tank fitted with SSR c...

Radial Engine


Fundamental Technical Specifications: Driving shaft with vital ace pole andmoving association bars Air cooling Double start (2 start plugs for every barrel and 2magnetos) Other Specifications: Oper...

Turbo Jet Engine Model


Other Specifications: Operated: Electrically (Motor 230 V) Equipment Layout: On Base.

Turbo Jet Engine Model with High pressure Compressor


Different Specifications: Operated: Electrically (Motor 230 V) Equipment Layout: On Base.

Rheologic study bench


Rheologic investigation seat The gadget comprises of a glass tank of limit 20 liters, outfitted with a depleting gadget at the base of the tank. This tank is mounted on a welded stainless steel out...

Turbo starter Small Turbine Engine


This cutaway show is precisely separated for preparing purposes, professionally painted with various hues to better separate the different parts, cross-areas, greasing up circuits, fuel framework, ...

Filter press trainer


Channel squeeze coach Automotive Technology | Cutaways, Rigs and Trainers | Motorcycles | Automotive Cutaways.

9row Mechanical Seeder


Precise segment of a towed all inclusive seeder appearing: Seed container Distributor Inlet channels Coulter Other Specifications: Operated: Electrically (Motor 230 V) Equipment Layout: On Stand wi...

Gas/Liquid Absorption


Gas/Liquid Absorption Column Gas/Liquid Absorption Column is a pilot plant scale unit which might be intended to enable understudies to explore the standards of stuffed pinnacle retention procedure...



Crystallization 400 l V2A stainless steel vessel 2 cleaning access focuses Cycle control Fully secluded Mech. coupling for dry air generator Stainless steel V2A stirrer to split down material devel...



Fundamental Technical Specifications: Radial cylinder pump Fiberglass tank with channel Control unit Overdrive with fan Hydraulic stirrer Cardan shaft Adjustable spouts Other Specifications: Operat...

Engine Powered Chainsaw


Fundamental Technical Specifications: 2 stroke motor with carburettor Centrifugal grip Oil pump for chain grease Electronic start Safety framework Other Specifications: Operated: Manually, through ...

continiously distillation unit


continiously refining unit Owing to the tremendous experience and learning of this area, we have possessed the capacity to offer ideal quality Distillation Units to our profitable clients. These un...



This cutaway demonstrate is precisely separated for trainingpurposes, professionally painted with various coloursto better separate the different parts, cross-sections,lubricating circuits. Numerou...

Coagulation Flocculation


Coagulation Flocculation The coagulation and flocculation forms take out mineral contamination under suspension or colloidal frame. Partition between clear water and solids is done by a decanter. P...

Ground Handling Agricultural Machine Steering Model


Primary Technical Specifications: Transversal hub bolsters Dry grips various circles Band brake Crown Engine and cone shaped pinion Other Specifications: Operated: Electrically (Motor 230 V) Equipm...

Pasteurization unit


Purification unit Skid mounted, manufacturing plant tried, Indirect Plate Process, intended for adaptable creation. Item Flash Pasteurizer. Able to do likewise working with clear items, organic pro...