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Upright drill machine with all its accessories


Upright bore machine with every one of its frill Variable Speed Drive Drill to focal point of Diameter=508mm Drill Capacity=32mm Column Diameter=100mm Spindle to base distance=1101mm Spindle to tab...

Radial drilling Machine


Spiral boring Machine Capacity boring in the strong steel. Ts 50/60 , 40mm Cast-press G22 50mm Boring Steel TS 50/60, 80mm Cast-press G22,100mm Tapping Steel TS 50/60, 35mm Cast-press G22 40mm Spin...

Demonstration Differential Gear


Consistent with the first example, an all metallicsectionised display demonstrating obviously themanner of activity of a differential gearbox. The unit is with all processing machinecut riggings an...

Demonstration Tractor Differential Model


This unit is. fitted with processing machine cut riggings and essentialparts as back hub with additional speed decreasing apparatus. Dulymounted on 45x45 cm wooden base..

Demonstration Tractor Differential Model 1


This unit is. fitted with processing machine cut apparatuses and essentialparts as back hub with additional speed lessening gear. Dulymounted on 45x45 cm wooden base..

Diesel Engine


Unique, Second hand and harmed 5-6 H.P. Diesel Engine,suitable analyzed and indicating basic parts moving freelyat legitimate arrangement by offering pivot to fly wheel. Manualoperated and properly...

Power hack saw With Accessories


Power hack saw With Accessories Motor: 0.5HP, 230v , 1 stage with joined ON/OFF and wellbeing No-Volt-Release switch sharp edge length 400mm with cutting rate of 80 strokes for each minutes Motor s...

Differential Gear Assembly


Unique just analyzed differential apparatus get together mountedon wooden base with driving handle..

Drawing board


Planning phase Double covered chipped. Effortlessly dismantled. Measure 100x150cm .All edges overlaid with dray plastic and legs are made of 25x25x1.5mm steel pipe, Imported..

Theodolite,Total station


Theodolite,Total station

Electronic Digital Theodolite


Electronic Digital Theodolite

Gear Box


Sectionised 4/5 speed equip box with outfit working lever.Full measure unit arranged from unique parts mounted on stand..

Hydraullic Brake Unit


Appropriately sectionised full size unit,consisting of unique parts, such asmaster barrel get together, wheelcylinder brake shoes, brake drum andnecessary association. Finish with working levermoun...

Hydraullic Brake Unit with Four Brake Drum


Same as above yet with two ace chambers and with fourbrake drums. One of the ace chamber is suitablyIsed. Reasonably mounted on overwhelming wooden base withoperating brake pedal and lever..

Hydraullic Brake Unit with Two Brake Drum


Same as above however with two brake drums and one mastercylinder. Appropriately mounted on substantial wooden base withoperating brake pedal and lever..

Mechanical Brake System


Reasonably sectionised, full size unit. Finish with operatinglever fitted on a vertical and overwhelming wooden base. With brakepedal and lever..

Instruction Model Gear Box


Consistent with the first example open write display indicating threeforward and turn around speeds through various meltingmachine cut riggings. Finish with working lever and crankhandle, mounted o...

Rear Assembly


The differential unit is appropriately sectionised to exhibit theworking. Comprising of unique parts, for example, pinion andbevel, crown wheel, differential rigging, shafts and brake drums.Complet...

Working Model of Tractor Steering


This is appropriately developed, an all metallic model with allessential parts. Finish mounted on finished wooden baseof around 45x45 cm measure..

Motor Car Engine


The essential standards of task of a four barrel fourstrokes vehicle motor are plainly shown by thisopen development display. Merchant Is associated with camshaft and cam shaft Is associated with w...