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Diesel Engine 1


Same as Working Model of Dumperbut fitted with diesel Injection systemInstead of Ignition framework.

Electrical Equipment Board of A Car

(Deride design Car Wiring) It is an open kind instructionalapparatus with second hand unique parts. This. unit capableof activity when a standard battery or a battery charger unit is associated with t...

Educational Car Model


The fundamental standards of task of an auto are c1eaarlydemonstrated by this helpful size open constructionmodel. The chasis is comprising of Front hub with wheels,Steering, Four barrel Engine, Cl...

OPTICAL Theodolitet (H&V)Measurement


OPTICAL Theodolitet (H&V)Measurement Telescope: 30x Accuracy:± - 0.8” Image: erect Optical micrometer(direct reading):1” or 1cc Circle driving: yes Range of a...

Circular saw machine


Round observed machine Diameter of saw edge: 300mm Diameter of saw shaft: 30mm Saw cutting edge tilting: 900 - 450 Fixed table size: 650 x 850 mm Sliding table size: 300 x 1500mm Saw edge gap width...

Jointer machine


Jointer machine Surface width: 300mm Table length: 1800mm Rise and fall of table: 20mm Speed of shaper head: 500rpm. Max, profundity of rabbet: 15mm Height of table: 850mm Motor power: 2.2kw, three...

Radial Arm saw


Outspread Arm saw Power rating: 2.5 kW, 3 stage, 50HZ Size of saw cutting edge: 350mm Size of saw arbor: 30mm Motor speed: 3000 – 4000rpm Bearings for rails: 8 pieces Head swiveling: 0 to...

Tractor Model


The essential standards of task of a Tractor are clearlydemonstrated by this advantageous size open constructionmodel. The chasis is comprising of Front hub with wheels,Steering, Four barrel diesel...

Combined Thickness planer


Consolidated Thickness planer Working width: 410mm. Add up to work table length: 2000mm. In sustain table length: 1000mm Spindle speed: 5300rpm. Engine control: 1.5kw, 380V, 50Hz) Tilting wall edge...

Band saw


Band saw Width of edge: 40mm Wheels measurement: 500mm, MAX. Cutting stature: 270mm. Table range from floor: 930mm., Size of table: 500 x700mm. Max. & min. length of edge: 3945/3860mm. Engi...

Grinder (Straight knife for planers knives)


Processor (Straight blade for planers blades) Coarse limit: 1020 x 127 x 18mm Coarse pounding wheel estimate: Ø150 x 90 x 90mm Fine crushing wheel measure: Ø150 x 90 x 90mm Gr...

Pressing machine /hydraulic cold press


Squeezing machine/water driven frosty press/Maximum weight – 50 ton.Plate limit - 1250 x 2500mm .Maximum opening – 1000mm Holding time-most extreme 8hrs .Net weight - 2200 kg.Hy...

Ignition System of an Automobile


The open exhibited unit is finished on board withoriginal parts, Starter solenoid, start switch, start coil,distributor, four attachments important associations and terminalsfor battery association...

Belt sander


Belt sander Dimension of the working table 2500*800mm .Belt length 6800*150mm .Pulley measurement 190 mm . Programmed lifting of the work table . Fringe speed of the belt 17-35 m/sec . Engine contr...

Fuel Supply System of a Petrol Engine


This non working model is comprising of Petrol Tank, FuelPump, Filter, Carburetor. Finish on 60x30 cm base withsectionised parts..

Portable router


Versatile switch Plane Cutter limit: 40mm Motor: 1.2 kW, 3ph, 380V, 50 Hz (or 1ph, 220V, 50Hz) Speed: 16,000-30,000rpm task manuals and administration manual with circuit/framework schematics in En...

Washing machine


Clothes washer Hot-water weight washer utilize an implicit burner framework to warm water up to 210’F (with the exception of where noted) for predominant cleaning An electric engine of 1-...

Refrigerator with two doors


Icebox with two entryways Temperature 0+1000c. measure in cm 136cmx79cmx209cm/LxWxH/. external and inside lodging made of stainless steel/enameld. Four sides attractive gasket with a twofold chambe...

Plasma TV


Plasma TV Panel Type: 50" Diagonal*, 16:9 Wide Screen, Plasma Panel Specifications: N/A Pixel/Dot Pitch: 0.81 mm (H) x 0.81 mm (V) Display Compatibility: HDTV (720p) Signal Compatibility: ...

Three threads and four threads overlock machines


Three strings and four strings overlock machines Sewing Speed: Max 1,500 spm Needle ;House machine measure 11or 14 Overlocking width: chain Needle :10mm, Left Needle: 7mm/rightNeedle :5mm, Rolled H...