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Flat bed double needle heavy duty machine, (with pressure foot).


Level bed twofold needle substantial obligation machine, (with weight foot).

Flat bed single needle light duty machine. (with pressure foot)


Level bed single needle light obligation machine. (with weight foot). Positive nourish component, solid sturdiness simple adjusment.max. sewing speed 2500s.p.m, needle framework DP*17*16#25,needle ...

Flat bed single needle extra heavy dutymachine. (with pressure foot


Level bed single needle additional substantial dutymachine. (with weight foot). Outfitted with the solid & tough component, reasonable for sewing the massive articles& overwhelming ...

Cylinder bed single needle heavy duty M/C


Level bed single needle additional substantial dutymachine. (with weight foot). Outfitted with the solid & tough component, reasonable for sewing the massive articles& overwhelming ...

Narrow high post bedsingle needle M/C. (with pressure foot)


Thin high post bedsingle needle M/C. (with weight foot)High post bed configuration (post bed high, 443 mm& post bed diameter,47 mm).Max. sewing speed 2000 s.p.m, needle framework Dp*17, nee...

Skiving machine


Skiving machine Equipped with fixed tidy gadget. Stacking and principle engine 220v,1.1 kw, 2800rpm, skiving blade revolution speed 2500 rpm, material stacking speed adjustable,dimension (L*W*H) 11...

Strap Cutting M/C,300 mm working width


Tie Cutting M/C,300 mm working width Machine is prepared to cut different kind of material, for example, cowhide, engineered, canvas, elastic and so forth to deliver belt and segment of various siz...

Hole punching and end cutting M/C


Opening punching and end cutting M/C for belts, sacks, with clean authority, two mechanized separately movable head & variable speed, Nominalpressure(KN) 80, Slidestroke(mm) 45, Numberofstr...

Combining bevelling M/C. with set of knives feed roller aspirator


Joining & slanting M/C. with set of blades & sustain roller suction apparatus Combining & trimming m/c with molded sharp edge. suction apparatus for trimming. Chamferingheig...

Double Edge inking M/C (Horizontal)


Twofold Edge inking M/C (Horizontal) for belts, sacks, watch lashes with two inking head with flexible tallness, separate & flexibility and & variable speed, voltage/power220v/200w,...

Electronic brushing-shining M/C


Electronic brushing-sparkling M/C for belt for belts with 2 brushes, variable speed, vacuum framework for tidy, working width 8 to 80 mm, control 220v,500w.

Spray Booth with Spray Gun and Compressor


Splash Booth with Spray Gun and CompressorAutomatic fan when customer remains on the footplate (vitality sparing) Sleek and tough – looks extraordinary in a salon environment• Ea...

Ironing Table with buck


Pressing Table with buckFlat Table Size - 1200mm x 650mm, Height - Adjustable , Universal Buck, Vacuum as it were

Electric Steam Iron


Electric Steam Iron With Tuff slam Coating Base, Electrically Heated Steam Horse, Temperature control Heat Up Time (min): 1, Ironing Time (min) 15, Water Tank Capacity (ml): 370, Soleplates Materia...

Hydraulic Clicking Press


Water driven Clicking PressHydraulic Clicking Press (20 tons) with Standard kicks the bucket Votalge:220V/50Hz, Power: 150W,220v, Stamping region: 10*13cm, Temperature:0-400°C.

Travelling Head beam clicking press


Voyaging Head bar clicking press Traveling Head pillar clicking press Maximum working weight of liquid(Mpa): 25 ,Slider successful stroke(mm): 400, The greatest opening height(mm): 700, Effective r...

Pattern shearing machine


Example shearing machine Working size: 1600*1000mm, Laser control: 150 W, Laser tube: Co2 fixed glass laser tube, Resolution proportion: 0.025mm, Laser yield control: 1-100% programming setting, Co...

Charrpy impact testing machines


Charrpy impact testing machines

Hydraulic compression testing


Water driven pressure testing machines Maximum load :2000kN.Measuring scope of testing force:4100%FSAccuracy of testing force:±1% Upper and lower weight plates estimate: φ220mm&a...

Universal hardness tester


Universal hardness tester