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Optical square


Optical square Featuring twofold pentaprisms for right point locating in either bearing Used for stamping out plots, enclosures and so forth With defensive metal cover sliding around to ensure crys...

plumb bobs


plumb bounces Metal best plate and point, splendid turned complete, brad handle approxWeight. 400g. made of metal or other non eroding material.

Surveyor umbrella.


Surveyor’s umbrella.

Sprit level


Sprit level Aluminum amalgam, two modifying bubble length 1200mm.

Walky talkie


Walky talkie PUXING PX-777 PLUS UHF (400-470MHz).

Radian IS (GPS)


Radian IS (GPS) unit incorporates : &bull&nbsp Radian IS Receiver &bull&nbsp BDC46A Batteries (2 each) &bull&nbsp CDC68 Charger (1 each, Note: charges 2 BDC46 Batteries) &am...

Fuel Supply System of A Diesel Engine


This is a working model with unique parts, comprising ofDiesel Tank, Filter, Fuel Injector Pump and automizer,complete on board..

Automobile Stethoscope


At the point when segments of a car motor are notfunctioning legitimately, they as a rule.

Fully Automatic Battery Charger


The Instrument is intended to consistent yield and has solidstaste circuit. furnished with hamper and reversepolarity assurance Built in a pleasantly completed metal box withIndicator, and meter. 5...

Battery Charger


It is intended to give steady yield and is having doublewound transformer and full wave rectifier" Built In nicelyfinished box with on/off switch, Jewel light, meld and amperemeter. Info 2...

Battery Cell Tester


It Is implied for testing voltage of cells and batteries. It is acenter zero, light weight voltmeter of low utilization havingrobust and minimal development, reasonable for in-entryway andoutdoor u...

Battery Hydrometer


Indian Make

Motorcar Steering


This is appropriately built and a metallic model with allessential parts. The gadget is comprising of the front hub withwheel & brakes, prepare drum and directing total etc.Complete mounted...

Steering Gear Unit


Arranged from unique parts appropriate dismembered todemonstrate the working. Comprising of controlling wheel wormand part directing, drop arm, drag interface, guiding arm trackrod. Finish mounted ...

Working Model of Tractor Steering 1


This is legitimately built, an all metallic model with allessential parts. Finish mounted on finished wooden baseof around 45x45 cm measure..

Demonstration Differential Gear 1


Consistent with the first example, an all metallicsectionised demonstrate indicating plainly themanner of activity of a differential gearbox. The unit is with all processing machinecut riggings and...

Demonstration Tractor Differential Model 2


This unit is. fitted with processing machine cut apparatuses and essentialparts as back pivot with additional speed diminishing rigging. Dulymounted on 45x45 cm wooden base..

ABS Brake Board


The get together comprises of: Self-ventilating plate brake with phonic haggle Rear circle brake with phonic haggle Servo brake with foot control board and brake pump Electronic control unit Oil ta...

Disc and Drum Brake


Worked: Manually (Through a Parking Brake Lever) Equipment Layout: On Base.