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HGV Gearbox


Principle Technical Specifications: Air change framework for high and low range gears. Turned through the information shaft to show the inward pivot of a speed gearbox. Mounted on an independent ca...

Aggregate shaker sieves


Aggregate shaker sieves

portable drilling machine


convenient boring machine 220v, control rating 50 100 A.Drilling limit: dia 13mm.

HGV ZF 16S Ecosplit Gearbox for Heavy Trucks (16 Forward Gears and 2 Reverse Gears)


Operated: Manually (Through a Crank Handle) Equipment Layout: On Stand with Wheels.

Portable Grinding machTable vibrator 5mx60cmine


Table vibrator 5mx60cmcomplete of precast product5mx60cm finish of precast item Table best diminish. (approx): 650 x 350 mm The table is provided finished with: steel stand and starter weights 80kg...

Tile cutter


Tile shaper machine Cuts earthenware production, marble, gypsum, PVC and so forth tiles Drive engine control: 1.3 kW Operating voltage: 1ph, 220V, 50Hz Speed : 13000 rpm Wheel Dia : 110 mm Max Dept...

Tile cutting gauge


Tile cutting check Fine steel pins permit precise replicating and repeating of irrigular formed profiles Multiple utilizations icluding carpentry, cover fitting and floor laying Max. profile profun...

Laying on trowel


Laying on trowel Wooden or plastic handle Metal sharp edge with level edge Approx. sharp edge estimate: 100mm x 50mm.

Membrane Spring Clutch


Worked: Manually (Through a Crank Handle) Equipment Layout: On Base.

Cold Flat Chisel


Icy Flat Chisel Made of Hardened Steel with Plastic hold Length 150mm, Width 13mm,.

Mortiser hollow chisel


Mortiser empty etch Manual down encourage of mortising head. Etch run: 6-18mm Table cross navigate: 127mm Table longitudinal cross: 457mm Table vertical cross: 304mm table size: 425 x 540 mm hurl l...

Portable sanding machine


Versatile sanding machine Abrasive sheet measure: 280 x 115mm cushion estimate: 225 x 115mm Oscillating velocity: 16000 rpm Orbit distance across: 2.5mm Elec. engine control: 450w, single stage, 22...

Portable Jig saw


Compact Jig saw Power: 1.6 kW, single stage, 220V, 50Hz Cutting capacity:&nbsp &nbsp - in wood: 100 mm &nbsp - in aluminum: 20 mm &nbsp - in steel: 6 mm Speed: 500 to 3000 rpm Strok...

Robotised Tip Tronic Gearbox


Worked: Manually (Through a Crank Handle) Equipment Layout: On Stand with Wheels.

Portable circular saw


Versatile roundabout saw Blade estimate: 210mm Motor: 1.6 kW, 1ph, 220V, 50Hz Speed: 4000rpm. Max. cutting profundity at 90 Degree: 70mm Max. cutting profundity at 45 Deg. :45mm Supplied with 3 cut...

Moisture meter


Dampness meter Size: Compact Measuring range: 4 to 30 m.c Power supply from long life 9 volt battery/rechargeable battery. task manuals and administration manual with circuit/framework schematics i...

Spray gun


Shower firearm All reason simple to clean paint splash weapon. Limit: 1 liter. Spout set: 1.8 mm Electrically worked: 1ph, 220V, 50Hz.

Air compressor


Air compressor Working weight: 115 psi ( 80 kPa) Power: 1.5 HP, 1 ph, 220V, 50Hz Air collector: 24 liter. Completely programmed stop/begin control. Establishment and activity manuals and administra...

Band saw butt welding machine


Band saw butt welding machine Type 016/bss25 with shear write AHM 025 granulating machine.Type ESM 025 & electronic strengthening device.Type EG likewise accessible with lodging for joining...

Single Disc Clutch Coil Spring


Worked: Manually (Through a Hand Wheel) Equipment Layout: On Base.