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Twin shaft Carburettor FIAT Petrol Engine with Gearbox


Primary Technical Specifications: 4 Cylinders Displacement: 1600/2000 cc 2 overhead camshaft driven by a toothed belt; Overhead valves with V-course of action; Coil start Alternator Twin-carburetto...

V6 Petrol Engine


Fundamental Technical Specifications: OHC Engine: 6 V barrels Displacement: 2800/3200 cc Overhead camshaft OHC (1 for each head) Twin-body carburettor Centrifugal water pump 12 Volt alternator Memb...

Volkswagen Petrol Engine with Gearbox


Primary Technical Specifications: Displacement: 1600/1800/2000 cc Overhead camshaft (OHC) Distribution by methods for a toothed belt 4 in-line chambers Gearbox: 5 forward speed + turn around, with ...

OHV Engine with Timing Chain 1


Fundamental Technical Specifications: 4 stroke oil motor 4 in-line chambers Other Specifications: Operated: Manually, through a wrench handle Equipment Layout: On Stand with Wheels.

Cylinder leakage testers (petrol engine)


Barrel spillage analyzers (oil motor) Suitable for use on any oil motor with 14 or 18mm start plugs . Intended to distinguish an assortment of normal motor flaws including:&nbsp worn cylinder r...

OHC / DOHC Engine with Toothed Timing Belt


Primary Technical Specifications: 4 stroke petroleum motor 4 in-line barrels Other Specifications: Operated: Manually, through a wrench handle Equipment Layout: On Stand with Wheels.

Injecter tester


Injecter analyzer Bench mounted hand worked pumpQuick activity clasp for most prominent sizes of diesel injectors, set of connectors.2 injectors of various kinds for exhibit reason, save channels a...

Direct Injection Petrol Engines


Primary Technical Specifications: 4 in-line chambers Displacement: 1400-2000 cc DOHC twin overhead camshaft Multi-point electronic infusion 4 valves for every barrel Water cooling 12V alternator Ot...

Cooling system analyzer (Radiator and cap tester)


Cooling framework analyzer (Radiator and top analyzer) Test cooling framework for any spillage by methods for hand worked draw Fitted with: a weight dial check, adaptable plastic augmentation hose,...

Engine stethoscope


Motor stethoscope To give a precise and quick technique for finding and recognizing inconveniences in motor, and so forth. Must be extremely viable where inconveniences can be situated by sound, fo...

Ferrari V12 Engine


Principle specialized determinations: 12 V barrels 4 valves for every chamber Displacement: 5999 cc DOHC overhead camshaft 4 variable planning gadgets on the camshaft Multi-point electronic infusio...

Toyota Hybrid Engine


Fundamental Technical Specifications: 4 barrels Displacement: 1500 cc DOHC overhead camshaft 4 valves for each chamber Roller chain VVT-I framework (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence)electron...

Mazda RX Twin rotor Wankel Engine


The accompanying parts are appeared: Drive shaft with flywheel Twin-rotor Suction and fumes channels Chain-driven oil pump Water pump with thermostatic valve Electronic infusion Twin start Other Sp...

3 Valve OHC Engine Head


Worked: Static Equipment Layout: On Base.

4 Valve DOHC Engine Head


Worked: Static Equipment Layout: On Base.

Pneumatic valve


Pneumatic valve lapping pack Rocking write Pneumatically worked from shop compacted air and with various size stick elastic and Allen key. Activity manual.

Electronic Injection Feeding Circuit


Fundamental Technical Specifications: Suction complex with electro-injector Air limit meter Fuel complex to the injectors Butterfly body Accelerator position switch Submersed electric oil pump Fuel...

Engine valve grinder


Motor valve processor Bench compose, fingertip tosses discharge, simple point adjustment.Complete with:Grinding connection for valve stem closes, rocker arms & tappets, Diamond wheel dresse...

LPG Fuel Circuit


Principle Technical Specifications: Filler Plug LPG tank Level check LPG solenoid valve Petrol solenoid valve Vaporiser decrease outfit Carburettor Other Specifications: Operated: Static Equipment ...

LPG Timed Sequential Injection


The accompanying parts are appeared: E.C.U. Infusion rail L.P.G. solenoid valve Reducer – vaporizer Pressure sensor Pressure stabilizer Switch commutator Nozzles for complex Water tempera...