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Direct / Indirect Injection Piston


Worked: Static Equipment Layout: Standalone.

Ball joint puller


Rotating conjuncture puller For squeezing out Knuckle ball while evacuating the swiveling appendage with decreased Fork opening: 18-22mm.

Air drier


Air drier To expel water, oil and other substance from air before it enters the air powered brake framework. Shutting weight: 10 ± 0.2 bar Opening weight of fumes wellbeing valve: 13 bar...

Gear Pump


Worked: Manually Equipment Layout: On Base.

Torque converter model


Torque converter display Cut-away model to demonstrate the fundamental plan of water powered grip and cutting edge course of action for expanding the torque. Fitted on base plat. Approx measure: 25...

Heavy duty wheel removal trolley


Substantial obligation wheel expulsion trolley Manufactured from steel. Load remaining battle ready split and mounted on smooth roller direction to permit turn for arranging. Foot worked water driv...

Brake drum micrometer


Brake drum micrometer For exact estimating of brake drum either on or off the brake drum lethe Complete with an implicit exactness micrometer Drum diam. : 150-400mm perusing determination: 0.01mm.<...

Wheel cylinder clamp set


Wheel barrel clasp set Ensures wheel chamber cylinder won't fly out amid brake benefit One size fits all car wheel barrels Includes two steel spencing clips.

Adjustable ball joint extractor


Movable swiveling appendage extractor For squeezing out Knuckle ball while evacuating the rotating conjuncture . Reasonable for all autos and most light business vehicles Approx. opening: 20mm, var...

Valve and clutch spring tester


Valve and grip spring analyzer Mechanically worked stack detecting instrument provided with: straight scale in mm/in inches.pressure check in kg and lbs With estimation scope of : 0-100kg (0-220 lb...

Flared nut spanner


Flared nut spanner Set of 3 twofold flared nut spanners Steel, chrome vanadium, chrome covered set Ring compose having a processed opening to be passed around the tubing Used in fuel, oil and vacum...

Torque wrench


Torque Heat treated rachet head Fully solidified and tempered chrome covered for erosion safe . Micrometer compose torque extend change Flip turn around rachet system Supplied away case Capacity (a...

Brake bleeder wrench


Brake bleeder torque Wrench for bleeder screw The torque groups at 90 degree at about the center With two closures having 10mm and 11mm separately.

Cross wrench


Cross torque Chrome vanadium made Size: 17, 19, 22 ,24 and 32.

Pry bar


Pry bar Chrome vanadium made With bended tire levers and straight write levers 2 pcs , approx. length: 500mm,.

Optical wheel


Optical wheel arrangement measure Steel and cast aluminum development . Measures toe-in and toe-out by contact with wheel edges and utilizing optical sight to adjust markers Works on all autos and ...

Dynamic wheel


Dynamic wheel Off the auto write, dynamic wheel balancer, With advanced read-out Equipped with wheel cover Desired approx. specialized determination Width of edge: 3-8 inch (76.2-203.2mm) with the ...

Brake shoes gauge


Brake shoes check For setting lining-to-drum freedom Measures drum wear to guarantee it is inside manufacture&rsquo;s restrict Aids fast set up of shoe/drum leeway preceding re-establishment of...

Tire pressure gauge


Tire weight check General reason tire expansion firearm with measure. Elastic ensured weight check for longer life expectancy, adaptable hard wearing thumb connector Reading: dial compose (simple) ...

Heavy duty magnetic stand


Overwhelming obligation attractive stand Precision ground stand base with rotational controlled magnet Articulated arm with revolving lock. Blend dial and scribing clasp with fine change control. M...