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Magnetic stand with fine adjustment


Attractive remain with fine alteration Precision ground stand base with turning controlled head honcho. Appropriate for use with scribers and dial measure. Most extreme stature: 370mm Foot print: 6...

Brake resetting gauge


Brake resetting check Uses a measure to set an appropriate freedom between brake coating and drum from 6-1/2 to 14 - 1/2"(160-360mm) in daimeter inside calipers Measures drum distance acro...

Tire thread and brake lining gauge


Tire string and brake lining check Measures the measure of covering staying on a bolted and reinforced drum shoes and circle brake cushions . Check measures tire tread profundity up to 9/10&quo...

Brake lining gauge


Brake lining check Gauge measures brake lining from 0 to 1/2" in 1/64" graduation.

Disc brake lining wear gauge


Circle brake lining wear check Gauge measures brake lining staying on reinforced cushions collaboration from 1/10to5/6"in 1/12" graduation . Apparatus looks at estimations with ev...

Disc brake rotor gauge


Circle brake rotor check Gauge measures thickness, wear and score profundity on plate brake rotor in 0.010" increases Rotor is put amongst blacksmith's iron and spring stacked point to tak...

Filter wrench


Channel torque With movable steel tie To be utilized for oil channels and other round formed bodies Chain compose with hanging opening. Limit: 60-80mm & 60-120mm

Clutch plate aligning tool


Grasp plate adjusting instrument Univesal set of shrubberies and axles with handel for alligning grip plate while reassembling grip units to fly wheel , Suitable for passangers autos and light truc...

Drain plug wrench.


Deplete plug torque.

Brake spring pliers


Brake spring forceps With rotating conjuncture grasp Used for joining or segregating the withdrawing springs of drum brake with reinforced brake shoe on auto. Length: 225mm.

Heavy Duty Type Rack Jack


Overwhelming obligation compose rack jack Capacity:3-10ton Useful in mines and transportation and so on With customizable lifting hook.

Transmission jack


Transmission jack 1/2 ton Transmission Jack Shipping wt. 152 lbs. Low Lift Height, 7-3/8", High Lift Height, 32-1/4", Base 26-1/2" x 36"..

Fire Alarm System


Fire Alarm System Digital Voice Evac.

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope


Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope Resolution (SEI) = 1.0 nm (Acc. V. 15kV) 2.2 nm (1kV) Accelerating Voltage = 0.5 to 2.9kV (10 V steps) 3 to 30 kV (100 V steps Magnification = x 25 to 65...

Security Alarm System


Security Alarm System GSM SMS Voice Alarm System With LCD Screen

Intercommunication System With Door Opener


Intercommunication System With Door Opener Chain providers: programmed entryway administrator.

Manifold gauge assembly


Complex measure get together Standard 1meter hose with knurled hard associations. Shaded for every one of distinguishing proof red for high weight, blue for low weight, yellow for charging.

Trainer model air


Coach demonstrate air RBA-ABT-4-Air conditioner or.

Nitrogen cylinder with Nitrogen gas


Nitrogen barrel with Nitrogen gas Nitrogen chamber.

Battery charger


Battery charger 1230S.12V/15A Lead corrosive battery charger.