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laser pointer


laser pointer Used for tests identified with light ( add up to interior reflection , Young's twofold opening , diffraction grinding ) . The wavelength of 635 nm or 645 nm , 5 mW red laser control ....

40 Pin Universal Programmer


Highlights ·; 40 Pin DIP ZIF attachment ·; Printer Port Interfaces, parallel correspondence, utilizes address 278H,378H, 3BCH ·; Easy interface to LAPTOP, PC, PS/2 ...

Iron Plate


press plate Made of treated steel , adjusted. Toys with legs that can be held by an answer . Estimating the measurement of 12 cm.

Double Slit Plate


Twofold opening plate Made of glass . Has 2 opening estimating length of 10 mm each , isolated by a separation of 1 mm . Utilized for test Young. Edge estimate width x stature , 50 mm x 50 mm ..

Mechanical Stroboscope


mechanical stroboscope Bercelah plate ( 4 , 8 , 12 ) . Estimating the width of 255 mm . Work with low voltage engine , fitted with a speed control handle and speedometer ..

Full Microwave Bench (Dielectric and E-plane also available)


This completely stacked microwave seat can be utilized to settle both instructive and research purposes.Using this seat directional coupler attributes can be obtained.Frequency and wavelength of re...

Mariotte Cylinders


Mariotte chambers Made of plastic , 3 openings open with 3 elastic plug . Estimating stature x measurement , 45 cm x 6 cm..

Set Blocks Calorimeter


Set squares calorimeter Made of aluminum .Has 2 openings each estimating 13 mm in distance across in the center to embed a submersion radiator and 7 mm - 8 mm to embed the thermometer. Estimating t...



smooth Measuring the distance across of 75 mm , length 100 mm without extend , most extreme extended length of 5 m.



Handle Made of plastic , single compose . Estimating the distance across of 50 mm . Clips come bearing steel in the metal section , screws for mounting on the table.



telescopereflection of superb . Mirrors estimating 15mm in measurement with f = 900 mm . Extension ability of up to 300 times and miniaturized scale change in accordance with avoid grinding. Additi...

Analog Oscilloscope


We give double channel,(10MHz-100MHz) data transfer capacity ,Single and also twofold follow simple oscilloscope with worked in 1 MHz work generator.It has high affectability of 1mv/div with rotati...

Hard Iron Core


Hard iron center Made of impeccable metal , hard, barrel shaped . Estimating the distance across of 20 mm.

Tin Eureka


Tin aha Made of spotless metal . Estimating 150 mm high , 60 mm long sleeves . Position the arm at a stature of 100 mm . Volume limit of 250 ml.



trolley Made of hard wood/metal , plastic wheel bottomed ball , can move easily. Two - wheeler turn in front and one in back . Stem spring , can deliver three levels of drive , and motivation pole ...

The Solid Glass Hemisphere


The strong glass side of the equator Made of clear glass with a refractive file of 1:52 . Semi-roundabout, distance across 90 mm ; thickness of 16 mm.

Glass Block Rectangular


Glass piece, rectangular Made of clear glass , rectangular. Estimating the length x width x tallness , 115 mm x 65 mm x 18 mm.

Logic Analyzers


We give a high caliber of Logic Analyzer. The rationale analyzer gave by us encourages the client to investigate computerized signals, perception of multi channel legitimate messages and the examin...

Concave Mirror


An inward mirror Made of glass . Measure distance across 75 mm , central length 100 mm and 200 mm.

Convex Mirror


A raised mirror Made of glass . Estimate measurement 75 mm , central length 100 mm and 200 mm.