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Analog Oscilloscope


We give double channel,(10MHz-100MHz) data transfer capacity ,Single and also twofold follow simple oscilloscope with worked in 1 MHz work generator.It has high affectability of 1mv/div with rotati...

Hard Iron Core


Hard iron center Made of impeccable metal , hard, barrel shaped . Estimating the distance across of 20 mm.

Tin Eureka


Tin aha Made of spotless metal . Estimating 150 mm high , 60 mm long sleeves . Position the arm at a stature of 100 mm . Volume limit of 250 ml.



trolley Made of hard wood/metal , plastic wheel bottomed ball , can move easily. Two - wheeler turn in front and one in back . Stem spring , can deliver three levels of drive , and motivation pole ...

The Solid Glass Hemisphere


The strong glass side of the equator Made of clear glass with a refractive file of 1:52 . Semi-roundabout, distance across 90 mm ; thickness of 16 mm.

Glass Block Rectangular


Glass piece, rectangular Made of clear glass , rectangular. Estimating the length x width x tallness , 115 mm x 65 mm x 18 mm.

Logic Analyzers


We give a high caliber of Logic Analyzer. The rationale analyzer gave by us encourages the client to investigate computerized signals, perception of multi channel legitimate messages and the examin...

Concave Mirror


An inward mirror Made of glass . Measure distance across 75 mm , central length 100 mm and 200 mm.

Convex Mirror


A raised mirror Made of glass . Estimate measurement 75 mm , central length 100 mm and 200 mm.

thistle funnel


thorn channel Made of borosilicate glass of clear , straight shape , thick-walled with thorn finishes of 40 mm , general length 300 mm - 350 mm ..

Filter Funnel 2


Channel Funnel Made of borosilicate glass , clear compose , streamline shape . Estimating the breadth of 90 mm - 100 mm .

Contact Dwicekung


Contact Dwicekung made of level round molded glass with a honed edge , estimating the distance across of 50 mm . The refractive file of 1:52 , the central length of 100 mm , 150 mm and 200 mm . A s...

glass rod


glass pole Made from pop glass . Estimating length x distance across , 1500 mm x 5 mm . Provided in packs of 10 units/pack.

Graduated Cylinder


Graduated chamber Made of borosilicate glass , nose . Graduated each 0.5 ml and 1 ml of every accentuation check with a changeless shading . Most extreme volume of 10 ml .

glass slide


glass slide Made from pop glass straightforward , level surface . Estimating the length x width x thickness , 75 mm x 25 mm x 1.25 mm . Provided in a case, 100 pieces/box.

Bernoulli tube


Bernoulli tube Measuring level tube length of 500 mm with an opening of 10 mm and there are 3 vertical side containers of 200 mm each . Made of borosilicate glass , Supplied in a set comprising of ...

Glass Tube 2


glass tube Made from pop glass . Estimating the length x profundity x external measurement , 1500 mm x 1 mm x 8 mm .



Ammeters Moving iron compose ,dwijulat from 0 A - 1 An and 0 A - 15 An, appropriate for at and a.u. Mounted on a plastic board . Great quality with against parallax reflect . SIRIM pass assessment ...

Low power supply


Low power supply Low voltage , yield at 2 V , 4 V , 6 V , 8 V and 12 V at a present least or more through attachment 4 mm and can be utilized at supply 220 V - 250 V , 50 Hz 4 A. Finish with a 3 m ...

High Power Supply


High Power Supply Voltage of 0 kV - 6 kV a.t security; coarse and fine control ; input 240 V 50 Hz; greatest current of 4 A ; a meter high finished voltage . SIRIM pass investigation.