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Wire Stripper


wire stripper Made of treated steel . Estimating 216 mm long , elastic covered handle . Fine-toothed tweezers , as indicated by strip a wide range of wire , PVC covered handle . The littlest distan...



screwdriver Made of tempered steel with a handle made of plastic , estimating 250 mm long bar spreader and bloom closes . 1 set contains 4 of the extent of the tip width estimating 3 mm , 5 mm , an...



Pincers made of hardened steel . Hook - toothed , with wire shaper as an afterthought , the PVC covered . The length of 160 mm.



aluminum Shiny dim chips , Al . J.A.R. 26.98 . Estimating the length x width x thickness , 600 mm x 300 mm x 0.8 mm , 500g/gulung.

Balls of Steel


Wads of Steel made of tempered steel . Estimating the breadth of 15 mm .

Bulldog Clip


Bulldog cut made of treated steel . Estimating jaw length, 70 mm . Provided in packs of 10 seeds/pack.

Glass Wool


glass fleece Made of fine glass strands . Provided in packs of 250 g/pack .

Electric Kettle


Electric pot made of hardened steel. Info 240 V, 2500 W, most extreme load current of 15 A. The 3.0 liter. Exchanged consequently. Finish with interfacing link with 3-stick plug. 2 m link length es...

Electrolysis Kit


Electrolysis Kit Separate water into hydrogen and oxygen gas with this total water electrolysis pack. Incorporates hardened steel terminals, test tubes, container, croc connector cuts, sodium sulfa...

Organic Molecular Model Kit


Organic molecular model kit.

Set spherical polystyrene


Set round polystyrene Made of polystyrene circular. Set comprises of 25 circles with a distance across of 20 mm, 25 circles with a breadth of 40 mm. Put away in plastic compartments.



duster White cotton .Size , length x width , 400 mm x 300 mm . Provided in packs of 12 sheets/pack.

Iron Nails


press nails Made of steel, estimating measurement x length , 4 mm x 25 mm , Supplied in a container, 50 sticks/box.

Wooden Blocks


wooden pieces Made of wood , estimating length x tallness x width , 150 mm x 110 mm x 50 mm.

Copper Block


copper piece Made of unadulterated copper is rosy dark colored . Estimating the length x tallness x width , 100 mm x 100 mm x 4 mm.

Brass Block


metal square Made of metal . Estimating the length x stature x width , 100 mm x 100 mm x 4 mm.

Red Beads Perforated


Red dots, punctured Made of hard plastic in red. Ball estimating a distance across of 1 cm width and focus opening size 12:15 cm. Provided in a pack of 100 dots/pack.

White beads perforated


White dabs, punctured Made of hard plastic in white. Ball estimating a measurement of 1 cm distance across and focus opening size 12:15 cm. Provided in a pack of 100 dabs/pack.

Burette Made


Burette Made of plastic material that is solid yet lightweight . Can hold two burette in the meantime . Appended to the pole counter feet.

metal tongs


metal tongs Made of hardened steel straight - molded , ridged side of the jaw . General length 150 mm estimating tongs .