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test tube 2


test tube Made of borosilicate glass , clear, warm safe and lips . Estimating tube length x external distance across x divider thickness , 150 mm x 25 mm x 1.2 mm . Provided in a crate, 100 units/b...

U-sleeved Fund


U - sleeved Fund Made of borosilicate glass . Sleeves on each side . Estimating tube distance across x length , 14 mm x 125 mm . The two arms are associated with the suitable hose.

magnetic stirrer


attractive stirrer Hot plate , made of cast aluminum . Finish with control controllers , switches, speed controller , attractive stirrer , pointers and attachment . Stirrer speed of 50 rpm - 1400 r...

Way Switch


way switch Composed of fitting sort and key switches with plastic site . Estimating the length x width x thickness , 90 mm x 90 mm x 30 mm . pass examination .

pH meter


 pH meter From computerized write , loop moves with the cathode compose epoxy , versatile , can be utilized on a table , use at/au Range of +/ - pH0 - pH14.0 . Temperature Range = D37/ - 0-100...

electronic balance


electronic adjust Publishers extensive fluorescence , alignment utilizing outside load , has a mass adjustment. Limit 200 g , offering readings to 0.001 g . With space figuring , following of load,...

glass cutter


Glass shaper with precious stone eyes attached on the arm spring . The body is made of aluminum with a V-molded depression is utilized to cut the glass tube borosilicate and pop glass up to 40 mm d...

Keeper of the pipette


Attendant of the pipette The pipette is made of hard wood or plastic bersyelek HDPE, least 18 holes to keep the pipette.



respirators Covering your nose and mouth effortlessly. Channel lethal synthetic concoctions from breathed in. Segments can be expelled for cleaning purposes..

Chemical laboratory


Compound research facility Agar-agar aluminum nitrate corundum aluminum ammonium chloride ammonium nitrate ammonium sulfate silver nitrate Glacial ethanoic corrosive Concentrated hydrochloric corro...

Aerodynamics Laboratory


Optimal design Laboratory We offer astounding Aerodynamics Laboratory coaches for investigation of essential and also propelled standards of Aerodynamic Engineering. Our item go incorporate Modular...

Measurement of Liquid Level using capacitive or photoelectric sensor


Estimation of Liquid Level utilizing capacitive or photoelectric sensor Level mentor is a table best module, it involves estimating tank of 50 CM length, sump tank and load cell capacitance as leve...

Automated systems, bus of ground PLC simens


Robotized frameworks, transport of ground PLC simens MAIN UNIT: Microprocessor based PLC System with worked in 8 Digital information line, with RS232 Serial Interface of Industrial review PLC will ...

Control of Stepper motor using microcontroller


Control of Stepper engine utilizing microcontroller At the core of the Stepper Motor Controller is AT89C51 small scale controller. From movement control hardware to enter gadgets, PC organizing ite...

Level & flow measurement & calibration


Level & stream estimation & alignment We are a standout amongst other Calibration specialist organizations for Flow Meter Calibration. we are master for administration of Top Arm Lo...

Liquid Flow Measurement Rig with data transfer network


Fluid Flow Measurement Rig with information exchange arrange The mechanical assembly comprising of a course test segment of united and disparate write. Piezometers tubes reasonably gave over the te...

Subsonic Wind Tunnel


Subsonic Wind Tunnel The setup is an open breeze burrow used to exhibit and measure the streamlined properties of different models. For this reason, air is attracted from the earth and quickened. T...

Spectrum Analyzers


The Spectrum Analyzer gave by our organization is a reduced and simple to deal with Spectrum Analyzer with productive execution making it appropriate for convenient applications. The IF innovation ...

Digital Storage Oscilloscope


The DSO provided by us has the accompanying features:1 GHz, 500, 350 MHz data transfer capacity models,2 and 4 channel models test rates up to 5 gs/s on all channels,10 uber test record length on a...

Multi Cylinder Turbocharged variable speed Diesel Engine Test rig


Multi Cylinder Turbocharged variable speed Diesel Engine Test fix The 4 chamber in line turbo accused motors of or without charge air cooler from deutz has a water cooled minimized motor outline wi...