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Green Economiser


It is an all metallic exhibition model' to comprehend theworking of a bolster water warmer. Finish with safetyvalve, scrubbers, chains and pulleys. Pipe entry I.e. allbrick work Is appeared...

Pressure Gauge 60mm


As above however of medium size, 60mmdia..

Pressure Gauge


Bourdon's compose. Extensive size, open development demonstrate forexplaining the guideline. Mounted on cast press base withair spout. It Is furnished with straightforward graduated dial to...

Reducing Valve


The capacity 01 this valve is to keep up a constantreduced weight on the motor side while the highestpressure on the evaporator side might be variable. it is a largesize segment cut model, too make...

Sample & Hold Trainer



· ADC 0809 and DAC 0800 (Onboard). 

· Digital yield show on LED. 

· Sample and Hold can be chosen utilizing fli...

Photoelectric Pick Up Speed Measurement Train



· Speed estimation utilizing photograph electric pickup transducer should be possible utilizing this pack. 

· On-board RPM meter for estimati...

Steam Injector


This slice way showing model is to comprehend thesystem of nourishing a heater with water by coordinate utilize ofsteam. Demonstrating water and steam Inlet, flood outlet. The focal screw cut shaft...

Stop Valve Hopkinson Type


The sort has numerous favorable circumstances overordinary plan of intersection stop valve. Theconstruction and the strategy for operatingthe convoluted valve can be easilydemonstrated with this al...

Sudgen Super Heater


Pipe entry and all block work! appeared in wood work andthe demonstrate is dismembered in such a way, to the point that an Innersection view can be contemplated. The over all size is about30x30x20 ...

Water Gauge Model


An all metallic and appropriately built model. Upper andlower parts are with straightforward additions to make theinterior development unmistakable and are associated by a hollowcolumn. The unit Is...

Dead Weight Safety Valve


The valve laying on the seal at the best 01 anoutlet pipe. the valve and pipe are secured bya. case conveying weights hanging openly fromthe valve..

Flamephoto Meters


imple and Easy to Operate Narrow Band Interference Filters Dual Channel Display Na and K at Single Aspiration Flame Photometer Unit No. of Filters Na and K (Ca and Li discretionary) Na and K (Ca an...

E/m By Short Solenoid Method (Magnatron Method)


Objective:- To think about charge of an elctron utilizing Thomson Method. Highlights:- High Voltage Power Supply with one Meter Provided to gauge the Deflection Voltage.Complete with intensity,Focu...

Electrical Resistance Tester


Electrical Resistance Tester& The electric opposition of protective caps is estimated by applying a high voltage between a cathode put in salt arrangement kept inside the head protector and ano...

3 Phase Induction Motor


This is an AC 3 acceptance engine. This works on 415V AC. This squirrel confine acceptance engine coupled to a 2KW shunt generator. ; Specifications: Volts: 415V - 3¢ Power: 2.2KW Current ...

Desauty Bridge


It is a basic type of scaffold giving most extreme precision while looking at capacitance in term of opposition. Three decade dials x10, x100 and 1000 ohms from one arm. The other arm has additiona...

Water & Soil Analysis Kit


3 1/2 digit LCD Display Mains cum Battery worked Measures pH, mV, Conductivity TDS, DO, Temperature and Turbidity Housed in VIP Briefcase pH Range 0 to 14pH 0 to 14pH 0 to 14pH Temp. Comp. 0oC (Man...

Energy Band Gap For Semi Conductor Diode


Objective: to plot turn around immersion current versus temperature in invert bioased pn intersection diode. Highlights: instrument contains DC directed power supply 0-20CDC/150ma two round meters ...

Smart Card Trainer Board


Highlights ·; Contactless transmission of information and supply vitality (no battery required). ·; Operating separation : Up to 100mm (contingent upon radio wire geometry). &...

Spring Loaded Safety Valve


The exhibit demonstrate having twoseparate valves with one lever bearingloaded by a spring..