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Lever Safety Valve


An all metallic demonstrationmodel demonstrating the valve seat,fulcrum and lever with adjustableweight.

Softening Point Apparatus Ring & Ball Apparatus


This contraption (IP58 And IS 1205/58) is intended for assurance of softening purpose of Bituminious materials concurring . Softening point is that temperature at which the speciman under test turn...

Single Stage Compressor Module


Single Stage Compressor Module-Engineering Lab Training Systems The particular HM 299 framework permits the examination of various machines (responding machines and turbomachines). Each machine is ...

Modular Air Flow Bench


Particular Air Flow seat is intended to exhibit conduct of bodies amid stream around or through bodies with a compressible liquid. The motivation behind tests is acquaintance with and enhancement o...

Squirrel Cage Induction Motor


Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 1. External burden made up of High review cast press outline. 2. High review silicon stamping Stator with using pressurized water squeezed. 3. Progressively adjust bit...

Electrical Machine Trainers


Electrical Machine Trainers Backed by rich mechanical experience, we have possessed the capacity to think of preeminent quality Electrical Machine Trainers. These items are broadly known in the mar...

Single Phase Transformer


Single stage twofold twisted copper transformer having essential 230VAC and optional 115V AC with an appraised limit of 1KVA. The essential and auxiliary terminals are carried out for leading resea...

DC Shunt Generator No Load Tests On DC Shunt Generator


Open Circuit Test Objective:;To acquire the charge trademark and in this manner decide the basic field obstruction and basic speed of the given dc shunt generator. Review: The EMF actuated in a DC ...

Two Ways Milling Vice


Product Details:

· Alternate name two point bad habit 


Digital Turbidity Meters


Range 0 to 200 JTU 0 to 1000 JTU 2 Ranges 0 to 20.00 NTU 0 to 200.00 NTU 2 Ranges Resolution 1 JTU 0.1, 1 NTU Accuracy +3% FS + 1 digit +2% FS + 1 digit Sample System 30 mm clear glass tube 30 mm c...

Allen Key Type Surface Grinding Vice


Technical Details:

· Gets Locked by Allen Key 

· Made of...

Sine Vices


Technical details:

   · Made of excellent amalgam steel 


Single Angle Milling Machine Vice


Product Details:

· Most generally utilized processing bad habit 

Digtal TDS Meters


Exceedingly Stable and Accurate Cell Constant Adjustment Facility Available in Lab and Field models Temperature Coefficient Correction office Display 3 1/2 Digit LED 3 1/2 Digit LED Range 5 Ranges ...

Screw Type Surface Grinding Vice




Sodium Vapour Lamp Transformer


Sodium Vapor light Transformer are housed in press bureau and pleasantly painted. A) 35 Watt B) 55 Watt.

E/m By Short Solenoid Method (Magnatron Method) 1


Objective:- To examine charge of an electron utilizing short solenoid technique. Highlights:- Kit Comprises of Low Voltage DC Power Supply unit with Filament Voltage and Solenoid Current controls. ...

3 Phase AC Machine With Loading Arrangement


This is a 3-stage AC machine. This is mechanically coupled to a breakdrum to give stacking. The pole of the machine is coupled a drum. Thus the drum is associated with mechanical measuring dish by ...

Two Stage RC Coupled Transistor Amplifier


Objective: Study Frequency Response of single stage & two phase RC Coupled Common Emitter Transistor Amplifier. Highlights: Instrument contains DC Regulated Power Supply, Circuit graph is p...

Electrical Engineering Equipments


Electrical Engineering Equipments Our esteemed customers can benefit from us subjective range of Electrical Engineering Equipments. Fabricated utilizing incomparable review crude material, these it...