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DC Machine With Loading Arrangement


This is a DC engine with the above determinations. The pole of this engine is coupled mechanically to a break drum. A belt moving over this break drum gives fundamental torque to the pole of the en...

Study of 4 Bit Ripple Counter (Forward & Reverse)


Item portrayal: Continuously factor voltage auto transformer, ensured type. Contains a tordially twisted transformer with a consistently factor yield voltage 0-260 volts AC steplessly under full lo...

Ultrasonic Interferometer For Liquids


Ultrasonic Interferometer, a basic and direct gadget which are planned and created for deciding the ultrasonic speed in fluids with a high level of precision in the field of research center reason ...

Callender & Griffith's Bridge Dial Type


Callender and Griffith's Bridge Dial Type :- This instrument is a change over the Student's Potentiometer. The 50 cms in length side wire of 1 ohm obstruction is adjusted into 100 sections to facil...

Dielectric Constant Apparatus


To ascertain dielectric steady of solids. The instrument comprises of high Frequency R.F. Oscillator of 8MHz. of tuneable Frequency with a Gang Condenser Optimum Resonance point is shown on meter. ...



This transformers exchange the voltage from the essential twisting to the optional twisting with the assistance of attractive field. Provided with 220 volts, 12 volts and 6 volts.....

8085 Microprocessor Training Kit With LCD Display 1


Working tuned in to the quick development of Embedded Technology and its impact in our day by day lives, we have created progressed 8085 Microprocessor Training Kit for preparing the specialists of...

AM FM Radio Receiver


We produce AM FM Radio Receiver utilizing front line advancements. The AM/FM Radio Trainer Kit has parts put over their comparing images in the schematic illustration on the surface of the printed ...

GM Counter Experimental Setup


G.M. computerized counters offered by us are utilized as a part of G.M. tubes and accompany advanced read out meter office. These digit tallying frameworks are likewise furnished with control for r...

Study Of Microwave Test Bench Universal Model


Investigation of Microwave Test Bench Universal Model Experiments: 1. To consider the attributes of reflex klystron & Gunn Diode. 2. To contemplate recurrence, direct wavelength & f...

Three Angle Vice


Product Details:

· Alternate name all inclusive bad habit <...

Slip Ring Induction Motor


Slip Ring Induction Motor 1. External burden made up of High review cast press MS Frame 2. High review silicon stamping Stator with powerfully squeezed 3. Reasonable copper channel of best quality ...

Milling Adopters


We can make, supply and fare of Milling Adopters of our customers. These are utilized as a part of customary and CNC processing machines.



This is an AC 3 synchronous alternator with, square way, 4 posts, and rotor wound stator energized type. This is screen secured IP22, with dribble confirmation fenced in area. ; Specifications: Vol...

Milling Collets


We can make, supply and fare of Milling Collets. We give an exhaustive scope of Milling Collets to our customers according to their necessity. We additionally check our range on the different param...

Microprocessor Trainer


Chip TRAINER Product Description 1. CPU working at 6.144 MHz 2. RS-232C interface and USB Interface (Optional) 3. 25/28 console and 7-fragment show 4. EPROM Specifications A.) Based on 8085 CPU wor...

Precision Bench Centre



We are given unmatched scope of Precision Bench Center to our ...

Flame Type Rotary Cutter


Depictions: Flame Type Rotary Cutter is utilized to have uncommon forms in Curve or to have a fire shape. Brambles are accessible in particular woodwind examples to cut diverse materials, for vario...

Wire Wound Resistors


A resistor is a two terminal electronic part that creates a voltage over its terminals that is relative to the electric current going through it as per Ohm's law 

Our wire wou...

Axial Type Resistors


Resistors twisted on high alumina earthenware poles fitted in steel tops having tin platted copper leads for association. 


· Small in estim...