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Video Colposcope


According to different prerequisites of our buyers, we produce, supply and fare a wide range of therapeutic merchandise and healing facility instruments. These items are effiecintly composed by our...

Automatic Tissue Processor, Improved Model


A reduced and strong instrument composed with most recent innovation for finish programmed lack of hydration and filtration of human, creature and plant's tissues, up to conclusive settling in wax....

Automatic Tissue Processor Latest, Improved Version Model


The most recent model consolidates a programmed security gadget and locking framework other than different highlights. The security gadget keeps the exchange of tissue from tenth stage to eleventh ...

Automatic Tissue Processor, Super Deluxe


A This model is uniquely outlined and impeccably profiled. It adequately consolidates stylish interest with practical utility. Best element of the machine is that lone Basket Rotor alongside the si...

Automatic Slide Staining Machine Improved Model


Manual Slide Staining method involves extensive measure of professional's chance. To quicken the procedure "Slide Staining Machine" was composed on present day standards for doing for all intents a...

Oxygen Therapy System


Oxygen Concentrator Utilizing the most recent PSA innovation weight swing adsorption innovation which is NASA determined innovation that uses extraordinary sub-atomic sifters to isolate air into ei...

Bone Decalcifier Digital


Appropriate for use in Histology for decalcification of the bone tissue by electrolytic activity for simple and exact separating. Through the mix of warmth and liquid fomentation, this instrument g...

Cell Counter


Cell Counter - The straight number of cells in any example of polyurethane froth is dictated by finding the normal number of cells between two lines divided a known separation from each other in th...

Oxygen Concentrator Oxyrnat


Offers a wide treatment range with 0.5 to 5 liters O2/min. Versatile measurement screen with its 20 meters in length hose licenses more noteworthy opportunity of development. Quite - just 40 dB Oxy...

Patient Monitor


We display carefully developed patient monitor for different doctor's facility employments. Our multi parameter quiet screen is must for the patient in concentrated care units and inside ...

Oxygen Concentrator (5 ltr/ 10ltr) Sequel


Oxygen Concentrator (5 ltr/10ltr) Sequel In Maintenance Patented module (propelled Technology Fractionator) takes out in excess of 200 troublesome parts found in regular oxygen concentrator No disa...

Tissue Processing Unit Single Unit


Reduced model, appropriate for use in little Laboratories. Provided with One S.S. Bin Rotor One S.S. Tissue Basket One S.S. Wax Bath 24 Nos. S.S. Tissue Capsules 6 Nos. S-type Dividers. Reasonable ...

Automatic Linear Slide Staining Machine for New Haemotology


A minimal and solid instrument planned with most recent innovation for finish programmed drying out and filtration of human, creature and plant's tissues, up to conclusive settling in wax. Pre prog...

Automatic Tissue Processor, Electra Model


Programmed Tissue Processor Electra Model (Micro Processor Based) Under the direction of famous pathologists our R and D Division has grown yet another one of a kind model of Tissue Processor havin...

Digital Kymograph


Item Description: Digital Microprocessor controlled first time in the realm of Pharmacology Digital kyamograph/Sherrington Drum Designed and Manufactured by Advanced Technocracy Inc. Detail Descrip...



We Offered tourniquet is investigated on changed parameters to supply a perfect range. WE are made this tourniquet utilizing astounding quality polyamide snare and circle tape and contemporary stra...

Sims and Auvard Speculum


Sims and Auvard Speculum Made of hardened steel; Available in all sizes

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