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Interior Of The Earth For Earth Science Lab


In this unit we will demonstrate you the Interior Of The Earth .The Earth works in baffling ways yet Geophysicists are up to the test. In spite of the fact that the most profound well at any point ...

Aluminum Compass For Earth Science Lab

Aluminum Compass is 50mm in diameter with colour-coded poles.

Volcanic System Model For Earth Science Lab


Model comes with a wooden base, 16.5" x 16.5", model 8" high. attractive coloring. Detailed Volcano model. Illustrates the various crusts, lava tube, volcano formation, step sided formation of cone...

Seismograph Model For Earth Science Lab


Seismograph model provide students a better picture for understanding of how intensity of earthquakes are measured and calculated  . 

Anemometer With Vane For Earth Science Lab


This  tool is used to measures  speed and direction of wind. The wind speed basically ranges from 0 to 17 meters per second (+/- 10%). The direction indicator is divided into 16 compass p...

Cup Anemometer For Earth Science Lab


Cup Anemometer comprises a  cup wheel consisting of the conical cups in a horizontal plane. The  spindle of cup wheel is made up of stainless steel and attached to a  worm ...

Anemometer Demonstration For Earth Science Lab


This anemometer is used in determining  speed of wind. Made of corrosive-resistant materials for prolonged outdoor use. One cup is coloured different for ease in determining the number of rota...

Set Of Assorted Soil Set Of 21 For Earth Science Lab


It is a combined set of 21 Assorted Soils. Each sample is labelled with name, supplied in wooden or cardboard box case with transparent top.

Whirling Psychrometer For Earth Science Lab


 This apparatus is used for measuring Humidity. it is a combination  of wet & dry bulb thermometers with lens front stem, engraved mounted on wood frame with water reservoir, handle f...

Max-Min Thermometer For Earth Science Lab

It is a U-Shaped thermometer tube of the six type Magnifying lens tube consisting of special metal indicies for depicting highest and lowest readings. These are reset by a small magnet. Range : -20 to...

Cavendish Gravitation For Earth Science Lab Balance


This apparatus is used to measure the value of G (gravitational constant) .iIt comprise of a pair of small lead...

Seismic Record Seismographer For Earth Science Lab


This apparatus is used by students to record earthquake waves. The devices draws zip-zap lines if ground shakes. The stronger the shaking, the bigger the zig-zags. This zig-zag picture made on the ...

Foucault Pendulum Apparatus For Earth Science Lab


This apparatus is used for measuring the Earth's rotation in a small scale with this assembly. A differnt energy compensation mechanism enables continuous operation of the pendulum,accura...

Coriolis Effect Kit For Earth Science Lab


This apparatus is used by students consider the effect of the earth's rotation on winds, ocean, currents, and material objects. Each kit consist of  14" diameter base with erasable tracin...

Simple Harmonic Oscillation Projection Demonstrator For Earth Science Lab


This apparatus is used to draw oscillation image from oscillation object directly, and the image is reflected at the screen by projector so that the students in classroom can observe at same time. ...

Secchi Disc For Earth Science Lab


Solar Cell Demonstrator


In this apparatus ?4 powerful solar cells are been placed over a revolving disk and motor, as the entire disk included solar cells, begin to whirl around when the unit is placed in the sun. 

Magnetic Field Measurement Apparatus For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


This experiment comprises of two coils, Constant Current Power Supply and Gaussmeter. The Gaussmeter probe is placed on a rail with a ruler. It can move smoothly ...

Planck's Constant Experiment (By Photoelectric Effect) For High School Science Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


Planck's Constant Experiment (By Photoelectric Effect) for Physics Lab- It is used for Determining of Planck's Constant and Work Function of Materials by Photoele...

Planck's Constant Experiment By LED's For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


Planck's Constant Experiment by using LED's for experiment

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