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Colposcope 5 Step Magnification


Colposcope 5 Step Magnification gives a smooth zoom amplification nonstop design. It gives an extraordinary level of center and determination. It is exceptionally adaptability and can change the bi...

Colposcope Continuous Zoom


Colposcope Continuous Zoom is intended for checking the vulva, vagina, cervix and different parts. It helps in making the picture clear with consistent zooming force and fine centering. Its versati...

Hospital Kick Bucket


Top notch KICK BUCKET with Steel Tubular edge work. 

Mounted on 03 10cms dia. swiveling castors. 

Furnished with S.S bowl of 35 cm dia. 


Hospital Baby Bassinet


We offer super quality BABY BASSINET according to the given Tech Spec: 

M.S Tubing outline. 

Acrylic bushel with sleeping pad. 


Heat Transfer In Agitated Vessel


Warmth Transfer In Agitated Vessel In most mechanical procedures including reactors, warm is to be added or extricated to control the procedure. The expansion and evacuation of warmth is finished b...

Colposcope 3 Step Magnification


Our Colposcope 3 Step Magnification is usually utilized by Gynecologists for straightforwardly representation of vulva, vagina and cervix notwithstanding different regions. It is exceptionally adap...

Hospital Cylinder Trolley


Great CYLINDER TROLLEY with Tubular M.S outline work fitted with 02 wheels of 10 cm dia. Complete in epoxy powder covered. 

Estimate : 106cm (Height)

Hospital Wash Basin Stand


We offer best quality WASH BASIN STAND. 

Hardened Steel 01 bowl of 350 mm. Dia. 

Tubular M.S steel outline work mounted on 05 swivel castors of 50mm dia ...

Hospital Ward Screen


We are giving prevalent quality WARD SCREENS according to the beneath determination: 

M.S Tubular steel development in 04 level with areas mounted on 08 swiveling castors of 5...

Hospital Emergency And Recovery Trolley (Hydraulically Operated)



Tech Spec: 

Structure is made of round and rectangular tubes mounted on substantial obligation cas...

Physiological Dental Chair


Configuration Feature: Manually worked seat having every one of the capacities up-down controlled by foot pedal and back level and up with lever fitted with the back all oright parts are chrome cov...

Hydraulic Dental Chair


Configuration Feature: Dental seat physically worked water driven seat with 'Z' base, seat has all positions, for example, up-down, back entire level and up. Headrest turns to 180 Degree and could ...

Dental compressor


1/2 HP Dental compressor seal unit fitted with wellbeing valve for air discharge overabundance arranged, auto cut off framework, weight check and deplete valve air rotor air compressor mounted on h...

Pneumatic Surgical Stool


Configuration Feature: Surgical stool stature balanced by pneumatic cylinder with customizable back rest.

Hospital Stretcher On Trolley


Amazing quality STRETCHER ON TROLLEY. 

Tech Spec: 

Gentle Steel tubing outline work of Trolley. 

Mounted on swivel castors of 15 cm...

Electronic Dental Chair


Configuration Feature: Electrically worked Dental seat with the principle unit one set and patient seat and Dentist stool, fundamental unit with 4 openings instruments hose , 3 Pieces and three way...

Hospital Foldable Stretcher


Amazing quality FOLDABLE STRETCHER. 

Casing developed from Light Weight Anodised Aluminum foldable, texture made of solid non tearable, launderable material. 


Dental X-ray Unit


The dental X-beam bundle is a genuine protection of value with every one of the advantages of the Advanced Technocracy Inc. The specialized all highlights of our tube heads make them the most secur...

micro motor


Brushless miniaturized scale engine DC, light power yield High execution and speed 1,000 - 35,000 R.P.M Power yield most extreme 130 watts(not not as much as that) Smooth turn at high torque in low...

Dental Compressor Oil Less


1/2 HP Dental compressor seal unit fitted with security valve for air discharge overabundance arranged, auto cut off framework, weight check and deplete valve air rotor air compressor mounted on hi...