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Portable Digital Foetal Heart Beat Monitor

Techinical Specifications:
Product Name : Digital Doppler
Weight : 2 Kg. 100 gm...

Emergency Trolley,Type 6


rolley intended to oversee tolerant in crisis. Estimate: 850 × 520 × 1045 mm. 5 drawers made of ABS with dividers. Outfitted with Wastebin, needle expendable compartment, multibin holder, documen...

Infant Incubator - Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator


We are one of the main providers and exporters of an uncommonly outlined scope of INFANT INCUBATOR - NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE INCUBATOR having the accompanying highlights: 


Neonatal Phototherapy Unit


productively outlined and durable in Construction NEONATAL PHOTOTHERAPY UNIT 

Notable Features: 

Centered blue light: Light power is coordinated onto the...

Neonatal Radiant Warmer


Excellent and at industry driving value, we offer NEONATAL RADIANT WARMER with the accompanying highlights: 

Gives brilliant warmth to babies experiencing serious warmth misfo...

Anesthesia Trolley


Made of mellow steel epoxy covered wrap up. Measure: 650 × 420 × 1020 mm. 8 drawers for keeping solutions merchandise. One Sliding rack. Outfitted with one waste receptacle, Douch Can (S.S) and o...

Anesthesia Trolley, S.S


Trolley made of hardened steel. Estimate: 650 × 420 × 1020 mm. 6 drawers appropriately intended for keeping pharmaceuticals. With Wastebin on one side. 2 swivel castor all with brakes..

Treatment Trolley,Type 1


90% made of ABS. Estimate: 818 x 525 x 985 mm. 2 covered working tops under table best. 2 drawers 2 cabinets. With drug holders/drawers. With 2 wastebins I.V. Shaft. 4 swivel castor (2 with brakes)...

Examination Cum Gynec Table


Overall SizeL 1820 mm x W 560 mm x H 815 mm CRCA sheet top ‘U' notch with foot end folding and detachable Lithotomy bars Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated.

Open Care Warmer - Resuscitation Unit


Ergonomically outlined and at exceptionally sensible cost. Having separate show for set and the skin temperatures. 

Tech Spec: 

Temperature Module <...

Labour Table , Foot End Folding


General SizeL 1830mm x W 870mm x Ht. 800mm Frame50 mm x 25 mm Two area Stainless steel top with head low/up position with screw component Detachable and collaps...

Transport Incubator


We are giving to our regarded customers all around composed and tough in development TRANSPORT INCUBATOR utilized for legitimate transportation from the time baby is gotten till achieving the goal....

Infant Radiant Warmer


Scope of warmers enable you to proficiently mind and give propel warming capacities while utilizing one touch tasks to rearrange methodology .Immidiately after birth the new conceived child encount...

Touch Dopp


Contact Dopp Table best Soft Touch Works on mains 9 volt Batter.

Micro Dopp


Convenient ABS Plastic Mold Hand Held Works on mains and 9 volt Battery Digital show of BPM.

Casualty Trolley


General Size L 1830 mm x W 630 mm x Ht. flexible from 640 mm to 810mmFrame50 mm x 25 mm, CRCA tube Height movable trolley with X-Ray penetrable separable best and full length X-Ray tape holder Heig...

Mayos Trolley


Plate sizeL 555mm x W 430mm x HT.adjustable from 860mm to 1300 mm FrameStainless steel rectangular and square tubes Trolley Mounted on 50 mm dia. wheels Available in full treated steel/Powder coate...

Digi Dopp


Table best Rust verification ABS Plastic shaped Rechargeable battery Mains worked also Bright LED Display to Indicate the Beats per least (BPM) and the advanced show of volume level FHR with HI/Low...

Infant Baby Incubator


Chip Controlled Intensive Care Incubator The temp controlled unit is worked by cutting edge smaller scale PC innovation. The three advanced show sign give the Set Temperature, Air Temperature and S...

Phototherapy Unit Single Surface (Overhead Unit)


Overhead Phototherapy Unit Choice of two sorts of tubes for use with 4 nos. of blue light tubes with higher force of light in restorative range and 2 nos. of white light tubes. 6 nos. of white ligh...