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Pocket Mini Led Ophthalmoscope


Present day ophthalmoscope with support free drove Illumination. Its brilliance and shading rendering are Comparable with a Heine xhlXenon halogen Ophthalmoscope. Perfect for Rounds and house calls...

Laser Head Light


Laser head light with Adjustable joint, dark Plastic head band, with Foam elastic. Head bandIs accessible in arranged hues.

Jansen Head Light


Head light with standard Illumination 2.5v, chromed head with Magnifying glass. Portable every which way By methods for a joint. Head band can be balanced by Metal screw. Provided With connector. H...

Lead-Free Jansen Head Light With Re-Chargable Battery


Sans lead Jansen head light With 9 volts re-chargeable Battery alongside Charger and standard Illumination 2.5v, chrome covered head with amplifying Glass. Versatile every which way by methods for ...

Ziegler Head Mirror


The dark plastic headband can be changed in accordance with the individual head measure By methods for the metal Buckle. The pivot permits Adjustment of the Mirror, ø mm.90, in all Direction. Head...

Clar Head Light Traditional


Head light, 6 volt, with Adjustable joint, white Plastic head band, with Foam elastic and string with Adaptor 220-240 volts.Head band is accessible in Assorted hues

Lead-Free Clar Head Light With Re-Chargable Battery


Sans lead clar head light, 9 volt, with Adjustable joint, dark Plastic head band, with Foam elastic and 9 volts Re-chargeable battery alongside charger. Head band is accessible in grouped hues

Fiber Optic Head Light


Condition of-workmanship various covered framework thinks and centers the brightest white light accessible for all intents and purposes shadow free. One of a kind plan empowers fog light change fro...

Head Light with Loupe


Accessible in Fiber Optic and Halogen-light Version. Exact focusing. Extra fine stature change. Secure, Reliable arrangement for genuine binocular vision. Loupe framework can be flipped out of view...

Light Source for Endoscopes


Variable light force without shading temperature change. Extraordinary, Long-life Halogen knob with Reflector. Fundamentally made to suit STORZ instruments. Decision of various models to suit each ...

Laparoscopic Trocars


Trocar System, a blend of exactness mechanics, light weight materials. Furthermore, new measured outline incorporates smooth taking care of, quick dismantling and simple cleaning in one instrument....

Fibre Optic Cable


Exceedingly adaptable relatively unbreakable fiber packs. Quartz glass filaments for best light transmission and regular tissue shading. Smooth external silicon tube and internal treated steel shea...

Halogen Head Light


Advantageous centering sleeve for uniform quality Illumination. Open ribbed development averts abundance head develop. Exciting flexible plastic Head-Band with bolt. Variable Halogen Light of high ...

Valve Test Rig


 Valve Test Rig

Roundness Tester


 Roundness Tester

Vibration Testing Equipment


Vibration Testing Equipment

Halogen Operation Light


Non-Drift light pipe with 360 degree turn bolt on any position. Accessible in Floor Stand, Table clasp and Wall Mount. Quiet Transformer Shock-Proof Plastic Body. Variable Halogen Light of High Int...

Transformer Oil Test Kit


Transformer Oil Test Kit

Fiber Optic Operating Light


Non-Drift light pipe with 360 degree turn bolt on any position. Variable Halogen light of High exceptional 150w Bulb. Perfect for different Micro Surgery Operations. Conservative light head with Fo...

Footwear Testing Equipment


 Footwear Testing Equipment