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Digital Display Elapsed Time Apparatus


The subject needs to gauge the span of time for which a jolt was displayed. Two Visual(different hues ) and two aural (diverse tones) boosts are accessible and it is furnish with 4 digits chronosco...

Digital Steadiness Tester


Five gaps of various sizes for going the test through. The aggregate length amid which the test contacts the sides of the opening (blunder time) is introduced on a 4 digit advanced chronoscope Tria...

Ergograph Moses


For recording work done by a finger on to the drum surface. With unique arm obsession rests, finger holders, finger tie recording lever for drums, pulleys an arrangement of 5 Kgs Slotted weights..<...

Flicker Fusion Apparatus


Gives a light glinting at 5 to 50 every second to determine focal depressant movement from sedatives, narcotics, antihistamines and so on..

Foam Mattress 2 Section


Measure Foam Mattress 2 area, thickness 4" (10cm) Foam Mattress 2 segment, thickness 5" (12cm).

Floculator ( Jar Test Apparatus)


Has been uncommonly planned foruse in water treatment plants to effectively evaluate the dosing of alum and such different cogulants for treatment of water. It comprise of electronically controlled...

Hand Centrifugal Machine


Hand Centrifugal Machine

Hand Stabilimeter


This has a few plans cut-out on its sheets, with a stylus. Flag markers (light/solid/computerized counter). It is utilized for researching psycho-engine capacities and visual-engine coordination. T...

Hebbs Williams Maze


Is a standout amongst other known gadget for studyinglearning for insight trial of rats. Comes in two models. A) With time interim showing lights. B) With Electronic computerized show time interim ...

Infant Bed , Child Cot with Plastic Moulded Crib


Newborn child Bed/Child Cot with Plastic Molded Crib Infant Bed/Cot, measure: 810 × 460 × 810 mm. Removable shaped Plastic Crib (without joints). with Trendelenburg (TR) Position. (Slant upto 12...

Jumping Box Apparatus


Implied for concentrate learned shirkings escape reactions. Comprises of two chambers, housed in a sound sealed fenced in area with an obstacle in the middle of . The floor of the bouncing box is a...

Modern Operation Table


A flawless tempered steel working table withimproved seepage, enhanced various warming; more noteworthy adaptability and accommodation being used ; all steel outline. Joining the favorable highligh...

Small Operating Table


Same as above however with whole 30 x17 top is produced using hardened steel in two inclining parts. With focal waste and various warming..

Rat Operating Table ( Fixed)


Treated steel top 10 x 8 with warming load and with openings all round to take 1/4 uprights forfixation or conveying of adornments head holder, settling spikes ; 20x9 hardened steel top with 4 cut ...

Infant Bed , Child Cot S.S Adjustable Height


Newborn child Bed/Child Cot S.S Adjustable Height Infant Bed/Cot. Tallness movable approx. 850 - 1000 mm. Totally made of treated steel. 4 swivel castor..

Rat Operating Table ( Tilting)


Same as rodent working table yet tiltingmodel..

Passive Avoidance Response Apparatus


The Passive Avoidanceresponse device is a crucial instrument for test of medications on advancement Toxicity, Psychotoxicity, Discriminating limit and other uninvolved reactions in rats..



Used to gauge the fringe field of vision. The device involves an aligned circular segment. Rotating outline holder. The question bearer which moves over the circular segment, contains five hues and...

Infant Bed


Newborn child Bed/Child Cot/Baby Bassinet (with Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg 12º) INFANT BED/CHILD COT/BABY BASSINET, Size: 870mm L × 530mm W × 920-1070mm H. Stature Adjustable by Gas...

Foldable Walking Stick Cum Chair


Aluminum Framework. With Plastic Seat. Can use as Chair..