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Plus Elevated Maze


Also Elevated Maze is the most basic apparatusto examine anxiolytic reaction of a wide range of antianxiety operators. It comprises of two open arms (16x5 cms) and two encased arms (16 x 5x 12cms) ...



It is a basic contraption containing mercury to consider the mitigating properties. The mercury removal because of plunging of the paw can be straightforwardly perused from the scale joined to the ...

Rajor Sharpner ( Automatic Microtome)


The Automatic Microtome cut sharpener gives an exact, proficient and safe technique for sharpening Microtome Knives. It guarantees a blade edge so flawless that no ensuing stropping is essential. T...



Folded canvas elastic, with slide clasps and open connection chain. For use with any tambour..

Surface Tension Capillary Rising Stand


It comprises of risingtable for this situation three leveling screw of rising table are supplanted by two leveling screw and one long bar to hold the fine tube clip..

Under Arm Crutches Aluminium


Made of Aluminum. Tallness Adjustable. Substantial Size: 134-154 cm. Medium Size: 134-144 cm. Little Size: 94-114 cm..

Walking Sticks Height


Aluminum Framework. Tallness Adjustable. Epoxy Steel Base..

Swimming Test Apparatus


I) Having 25 cms breadth clear Perspax turning drum with ribs, in a reasonable Perspax tank and a resettable mechanical counter ( Single Chamber). ii) Single Chamber with Digital Temp. Marker, Digi...



Different Tambours as takes after are accessible a) Students Tambour b) Mareys Tambour c) Oval Tambour d) Brodies Tambour e) Large Tambour.

Electronic Home Care Beds


Rest Disorders is A National Health Problem of India. Rest unsettling influences causes an uncalculated, however tremendous, trouble on the Indian open. Numerous modern and car crashes are identifi...

Willy Mill


Arthur Thomas Type Various sizes are accessible as: Size Chamber Aluminum/SS a 40x25 b 65x25 c 100x50 d 200x75.

Y Maze


(A) Semi - Automatic Y-Shaped Maze for investigation of stun inspired brilliance separation reactions in rats. With wire flame broil, prompt light barbecue charge and rodent nearness indicators,adj...

Ultrasonic Cleaner ( Sonicator)


Ultrasonics (Ultrasound) is thesound which individuals can't hear. Ultrasonics use 4s frequencies from the over 18 Khz. High Frequency electrical vitality is changed over into ultrasound waves by m...

Walker Rollator Aluminium


Walker Rollator foldable with two wheels. Aluminum Framework. Tallness Adjustable 81-91 cm. Seat Width 47 cm.

Walker Foldable Aluminum


Walker foldable. Aluminum Framework. Stature Adjustable 77-95 cm. Seat Width 47 cm..

Lucas Moist Chamber


6x4 straightforward perspex shower with deplete pipe. Provided with silver gadgets and customizable lever with after load screw..

Muscle Electrode


Muscle Electrode is a couple of ball and socketmounted silver anode, which can be controlled in nay bearing. Equipped for mounting on Muscle Chamber and can be slided to be fitted at any position.....

Myographic Lever


With standard ¼ strung vertical stem for fixingto standard myograph board, after load screw and settling check nuts. Tempered steel hairlike Lever.

Radial Arm Maze Octal Maze


Outspread Arm Maze is extraordinary compared to other known gadget for concentrate the picking up, recalling (memory) and thinking in creatures. The cleverer the rodent, the all the more rapidly it...

Rotarod Apparatus


(Most recent with computerized counter) - For deciding neuro-pixicity , muscle tone, adjust and engine co-appointment in rats and mice. Comprising of a few or four compartments of 75mm width each w...