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Walker Rollator Foldable


Walker Rollator foldable with 4 wheels. Epoxy Coated Steel Framework. Stature Adjustable 81-93 cm. Seat Width 64 cm

Activity Cage


(Actophotometer) enhanced and strong state write with six photograph cells for estimating unconstrained or prompted movement with computerized totalizar or counter..

Walking Sticks Height Adjustable


Aluminum Framework, Height Adjustable.

Adjustable Stand


With speedy change and cinching nut; 15”;stainless steel upright. 3/8” dia..

Advanced Rotary Microtome


Propelled rotational microtome (most recent ‘spencer’ - type) : Model 5004 is most current and trustworthy separating gear extraordinarily intended for exact segmenting of tissu...

Aeration Tube


Produced using borosilicate glass with and without platinum wire.

All Glass Distillation Set


Programmed electrically warmed for influencing water for infusion to finish with radiator installed in winding glass tube, finish with CI overwhelming base, Rod, Clamps, Plug and board and so forth...

Walking Stick Foldable with Fixed Height


Aluminum Framework, Foldable, Fixed Height

Walking Sticks Height Adjustable and with Chromed Steel Base


Aluminum Framework hight adustable Fixed Height Chromed Steel Base

HPLC & GC Reagents


We additionally bargain in HPLC GC Reagents. Elite fluid chromatography (HPLC) is a type of segment chromatography utilized as often as possible in natural chemistry and logical science. It is like...

High Purity Acids


We are occupied with the produce and supply of Fluoride, Fluoborate, Slico Fluoride, Cryolite, Sulfate, Chloride, Phosphate, Carbonate, Acid, Borate, Chloride, Benzene and some more. By seeking aft...

Industrial Chemicals And Solvents


Solvents And Salts We supply a quality scope of Commercial/Industrial Solvents Salts in mass or tweaked bundling, for example, 5Ltr/Kg , 10Ltr and 25Ltr. Our range discovers application in differen...

High Purity Solvents


We have a full line of reagents for your sub-atomic science applications. Our ULTRAPURE BIOREAGENTS line highlights: 98-99% least Assay noticeable DNAse, RNAse, Protease action Low metal substance ...

Analytical & Laboratory Reagents


Investigative Reagents (AR GRADE) These Chemicals Are Useful In Sophisticated Analytical Instruments And Research Work Where High Purity Is Essential. Our Stringent Quality Controls Gurantees Minim...

Laboratory Chemicals


Our association is one of the main providers of an extensive variety of Imported Rare Chemicals. These synthetic concoctions are sourced from presumed sellers, for example, Fisher Chemicals, Lancas...

Biological Stains (Microscopy)


The Certain range recorded beneath gives the principal really International Standard infinitesimal colors and stains. These synthetic concoctions are given as powder and prepared to utilize answers...

PH Indicators And Solutions


pH Indicators Narrow Range/Wide Range - pH Indicators Papers With Color Scale No seeping of color into the test medium obviously characterized clour contrasts. Light opposition, exact in feeble cra...

Blood Bag Tube Sealer


Blood Bag Tube Sealer is a reduced instrument to seal the Blood Bag pilot tub by radio recurrence fixing framework, no haemolysis at Blood in the tube since Radio Frequency fixing seals the tube wi...

Plasma Extractor


Plasma Extractor is intended to Extract Blood part from centrifuged sacks. The spring stacked front board applies weight on the gathered sack making the fluid contain in exchange pack. Its durable ...

Plated Incubator


Plated Incubator gives a perfect solid condition to the Platelets. This unit intended to keep up a stable and illuminate temperature of 22.0°, the easy to understand incorporates an acrylic inward...