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CCD Camera


CCD is utilized to change over optical brilliance into electrical abundancy signals. It helps in replicating the picture of a protest with no time. The CCD Camera has a high determination for getti...

Trial Frame


Pack of 10 Frames Trial Frame is a Light Weight with Aluminum treated steel sides.Trial Frame notwithstanding Trial Lens Set is utilized to give an agreeable, powerful and simple focal point fittin...

Surgical Loupe


Careful Loupe have highlights of free centering. These focal point are lightweight. Gives extra solace to around ears and nose. It furnishes a high amazing execution with strong edge making work ag...

Examination Torch


Examination Torch is utilized to check inside of the eye. This uncommon light sparkles a light through understudy permitting to see the detail structure of the student. Additionally, understudy ref...

Streak Retinoscopes 1


Streak Retinoscope is adjusted to record the area of the retinoscope slide amid the examination for giving data with respect to optical disappointment. It additionally contains movable pillar for c...

Stereo Acuity Test


We offer impeccablestereoacuity testkit with the end goal of different restorative analyses. Our Stereoacuity Testing Kit is fittingly intended for the quick trial of amblyopia and strabismus utili...

Vertical Sterilizer


Steam Working Pressure 1.26 kgf/cm2 (2.2 kgf/cm2 in the event that High speed sterilizer Steam Working Temperature 121oC (134o if there should arise an occurrence of High speed sterilizer) Hyd. Tri...

Vertical Autoclave Double Drum(S.S)


Determination Double divider unit made of hardened steel load and cover made of substantial obligation weapon metal single piece, unit keep running on control 220V 50 Hz twofold wellbeing valves to...

Ampule Filling And Sealing Device


Ampule filling and fixing gadget : hand worked without gas barrel for fixing, however provided with gas burner (filling limit from 2 ml. To 50ml. ) Ampule ;filling ,; fixing machine (electric opera...

Ampule Washing Device


Fly needle write, comprise of 6 S. Steel needle planes settled on a metal (chromium plated) pipe of ;12.5 mm dia with side tap and serrations for settling elastic with tap water. Springs stacked am...



a) Mark (Radiant Heat or Tail Flick Type) : It gives torment jolt by warmed nichrome wire in a Rat’s;tail to decide pain relieving impact of medicatio...

Analgesimeter 2


Check 3 : Eddy's Hot plate comprising of 8" (20 cms appox.) round warming surface with perspex nook and strong state temperature controller with Micro-controller based Digital Temperature Indicator...

Analytical Balances


Extremely delicate, Our own particular make, 200 gm measuring limit, exactness 0.1 mg with sunmica top in indicate case (Teak wood). Varanasi make likewise accessible on ask..

Andreson Pipette


Molecule measure Determination apparatus,;(Sedimentation pipette, Anderson) comprising ;of 500ml. Graduated;cylinder, graduation from 0 to 20cm. Also, fitted with 10ml. Pipette with three way stopc...

Antibiotic Zone Reader


The anti-infection zone peruser gives a fast exact strategy to deciding the quality of anti-microbial materials by estimating the width of a restrained zone in petri dish..

Aseptic Cabinet


Estimate 95x50x50 cms with inclining front. Acrylic sheet;front and side entryways (full unmistakable Transparent) 3' germicidal bright tube;and 2' fluorescent tube for white light with essential g...

Autoclave Single Chamber


Internal chamber made of strong treated steel and external chamber made of overwhelming chromed with twofold wellbeing valves, vast dial weight measure with external M.S. Coat : Following Sizes are...

Autoclave Double Chamber


Inward chamber made of tough hardened steel and external chamber made of overwhelming metal sheet. External coat made of MS/SS. With overwhelming chromed ring cover. Fitted with twofold wellbeing v...

Ball Mill Motor Driven


For blending pounding, electrically operatedhaving limit of couple of gms to 1kg 2 kg. Fitted with outfitted Motor with max. Speed of 80 rpm. The container is made of SS and having steel chunks of ...

Balance Torsion Type


With removable glass or S.S dish reasonable for weighing 5,10 111 gms with 0.1gms determination on record plate. Affectability 5mg. (Known as Triple Beam Balance).