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Resonance Apparatus Glass For Physics Lab


Glass Tube of size 84cm long and 2.5cm dia rested on stand with clamp, with 500ml glass bulb supported on iron ring, joining rubber tubing and spring clip.

Resonance Apparatus Simple Form For Physics Lab


It consist of two aluminium tubes telescoping into each other, so that the air within the tubes may be changed from 30 cms to 53 cms, outer tube is fixed into a wooden base.

Resonance Apparatus Tubes For Physics Lab


It consist of two plastic tubes of 305 x 32 mm,305 x 25 mm diameter. The small tube slides within the other in foam plastic collars, allowing the air column length to vary from 300 to 530 mm.

Ripple Tank For Physics Lab


The device comprises of a wooden surrounded plate with a reinforced glass base and separable legs, general size of plate 600x 520x 56mm profound. 

A pair of support rods with integral 'G...

Ripple Tank (Dual Purpose) For Physics Lab


The full set of apparatus consist of: · Ripple tank 300x300x35mm deep · Gantry complete with beam 4.5V DC motor fittings · Screw in legs for bench mounting. · Illu...

Ripple Tank Power Supply Unit For Physics Lab


This unit gives persistently variable D.C output to the tank engine, together with a settled A.C output to operate light, provided with a separable mains lead.

Ripple Tank Accessories For Physics Lab


 Sponge, Trapezoidal shaped disc, Elliptical Reflector,Dropper, Rubber tubes, Hoffman clip, wooden rod

Savarts Toothed Wheels For Physics Lab


It comprises of four toothed wheels each of 75 mm dia, fixed 6 mm apart on a shaft, projected as spindle with very less tapered at its end. Wheels consist of  36, 45, 54, and 72 teeth respecti...

Sonometer Student For Physics Lab


This model comprises a wooden board 700 x 90 mm (L x W) on four foot, fitted with two steel wires of 0.3mm x 1m (dia x length). on one end of base there are two 5...

Sonometer Wooden For Physics Lab


It consist of a hollow wooden box, with two meter scales graduated in millimetres, rested on top on each side along the length.
brass and steel wires of different...

Stethoscope For Physics Lab


These Stethoscope are highly sensitive and made up of good quality with rubber tubing, used for observing faded sounds and vibrations after due amplification.

Stroboscope Digital For Physics Lab


100-10,000 RPM/flash per min. 
Accuracy: +/- (.05% +1d)

Stroboscope Hand For Physics Lab


It is provided with 12 radial slots, slotted metal disc, with finger hole and , reste...

Tuning Fork Electrical For Physics Lab


It is rested on sturdy streamlined base with facilities for horizontal or vertical use, fork is made up from selected steel. Prong is 10 x 25 x 300 mm, frequency adjustment, vibrations rate 60 / se...

Tuning Fork Hammer For Physics Lab


It consist of a rubber ring placed on a metal disc with steel rod and wooden handle.

Festoon Bulb for Physics Lab


12V 3V for use with smoke cell & multiple light source.

Tuning Fork Electrically Maintained (Melde\\\'S Apparatus) For Physics Lab


It is mounted on sturdy streamlined base with provision for horizontal or vertical use. Forks is made up from selected steel. Prong is 10 x 25 x 300 mm. frequency adjustment panel, chrome plated, v...

Flashlamp Bulbs For Physics Lab


Bulbs with MES cap suitable for flash Lamp.
a) 1.2v b) 2.5v c) 3.5v d) 4.5v e) 6v f) 12V

Tuning Fork Pair On Box (Beats Apparatus) For Physics Lab


It comprises two tuning forks each of frequency 426 Hz on two separate resonance boxes. One fork is fitted with adjustable loading mass. When both forks are sounded together, a clearly audible beat...

Tuning Forks On Rersonance Box For Physics Lab


This air column in the second box causes the tuning fork to vibrate. The second instrument is thus set into vibration by the first instrument