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Fitted with fast engine, with two Nos. Of hardened steel bump..

Bottle Washing Machine


Container Washing Machine is manufactured in a MS tough casing with SS wash bowl and fitted with metal swan neck water tap (overwhelming chromed). 3 axle with various sizes of washing brushes to wa...

Botany ( Fiber Glass Model)


Plant cell 14 x 10 Germination of seed 16x12 Types of Roots Types of Leaves L.S. Blossom 14 x 10 L.S. Ovary 16 x 12 T.S. Monocot stem 16 x 12 T.S. Dicot stem 16 x 12 T.S Monocot Root 16 x 12 T.S. D...

Bulk Density Apparatus


Mass Density Apparatus Specially intended to think about, the pressing down of powder beds of various pharmaceuticals and synthetic substances inthe procedure of tablet fabricating, case filling co...

Camera Lucida


(a) (Prismatic) Lemon optical glass crystal extraordinarily planned hangs over the eye-bit of the magnifying instrument. The pencil on thegraph is obvious proceeding onward the picture is drawn on ...

Capsule Filling Machine


An adaptable lever worked self-loader machine for different activities with levers arranged by 1. plates for putting of container by hand 2.removal of tops 3.filling of powder by administering of b...

Chart Cabinet


For keeping 100 graphs in moved hanging position Cabinet edge of MDF completed with overlaid sheet. 10 holders with 10 snares on every holder gave inside best. Holders slide on wooden channels for ...

Circular Drying Stand


For appropriate and advantageous drying of smoked and varnished paper sheets upto 40 long and 10 width, with hardened steel emanating arms and base plate for gathering any trickle will take upto 24...

Clarity Test Equipment


Smooth white and dark screen fitted on a base board with diffused light game plan general measurements are 23x15x18. A Stainless upright with movable slide arm with clampmagnifier, fundamental rope...

Collapsible Tube Filling Machine


Stroke compose, barrel and cylinder game plan with stroke setting for different limit of filling of tubes (from 5 gms to 50 gms.) Detachable spouts accommodated each different limit. All contact pa...

Compartment Dryer ( Tray Drier)


Compartment Dryer ( Tray Drier)




Conical Percolators


Limit 1000ml. With cover, deplete cockerel, tempered steel sifter on 3-leged stand. Different limits and glass percolator additionally accessible on ask.

Cork Borers


All metal, chrome covered. Display No. Set of a) 3, Heavy compose b) 3, Routine c) 6, Heavy write d) 6, Routine c) 12, Heavy Type f) 12, Routine

Cork Boring Machine


With stopper borer set of 12 and an ejector, handoperated with screw compose shaft

Cube Mixer Roto Cube


Utilized for Homogenous blending of dry powder ointments of granules and so on. Tempered steel vessels cutting edge both turning at various rates. Finish with engine starter and so forth. Limit 5Kg...

Cup Vortex Mixer


Container Vortex Mixer-Test tube blender : To quicken the blending of arrangement in test tubes Short, fast accentric stroke, engine driven Neoprene glass grants incredible disturbance to tubes or ...

Dessicators Soda Glass


With ground cover knobbed. Dia cms. 1. 10 2. 12.53. 15 4. 20 5. 25.

Polypropylene Desiccators


Polypropylene (Plain) 1. 150mm plain PP/PC 2. 200mm plain PP/PC 3. 250mm plain PP/PC.

Digital Spectrophotometer


Range 340 to 960mm. With office forAutomatic focus, transmission and Absorbance estimation. Wave length determination 5nm, digit L.E.D show with set of glass cuvettes.Note : Above spectrophotometer...