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Kjeldhal Distillation Unit


Electrically worked on 220 voltsA.C./D.C compacting of gentle steel tubular stand powder covered and Kjeldhal test radiators and metal condenser rack with water supply game plan for condensers and ...

Lab System Analyzer


Computerized Photocolorimeter with 8 glass channels, principle worked test estimate 1 ml with 2 ½ digit LED show board. No estimations required. Test estimate 1 ml. 3 digit LED show..

Laboratory Jack Atico Box Type


Appropriate for supporting china or shower. The tallness of best jack bolster is effectively accuratelyadjustable by revolution of the handle. Jacks are powder covered with great wrap up. Catalouge...

Leak Test Apparatus


Perfect Instrument to check rankle packs, strip forleak test. The instrument is outfitted with enduring diaphram vacuum pump which gives larger amount of vacuum in briefest conceivable time. Bite t...

Lozenges Board Roller And Punch


12x9x1 thick board with S.S. Top, side customizable strips for different thickness. Hard wood roller, portion punch of size 8,9,12 to 16mm( arrangement of 3).

Mammalian Heart Perfusion Assembly


Mammalian Heart Perfusion Assembly

Mechanical Stirrer


(Research center stirrer) :- fitted with speed controller, tallness and space customizable 1/20 H. P. Air conditioning/DC engine.

Milipore Filter Holder Assembly


Vacuum write jar and clasp. Layer Funnel Flask With neon-Prene Dia mm Cap. Ml plug fitting A)25mm 25 250B)25mm 50 500C)47mm 3 00 1000

Mixing Vat


Fitted with 10lt. S.S Vessel stirrer with 1/20 H.P. Engine, speed of the engine can be controlled through ragulator.

Motor Driven Disintegrator


Research center size, pound compose, with H.P. (Single stage) 220 volts, 50C/S A.C. Comprising of four steel hammers settled to a plate of 3 in dia 1 thick through which passes a pole being spun at...

Nephelo Meters & Turbidity Meters


Perfect instruments for testing of drinking water sewage transfer water estimations upto 1000JTU/NTU. A) Digital Turbidity meter 3 digit LED show run upto 1000 NTU/JTUTable ModelB) Digital Nephelom...

Ointment/Cream Filling Machine


Same as Collapsible tube Filling Machine butElectrically Operated. Appropriate to fill tubes, bottles and so forth. In the scope of 5 gms to 90gms. Per stroke , mechanized worked (engine &frac1...

Ointment Slabs


Produced using imported perpex sheet (graduated) size8x8.

Ointment Spatula


Tempered steel 6x1 vide edge, heavy adaptable, madefrom imported hardened steel with prevalent wooden handle..

Operation Table Large Size


Made altogether from tempered steel, in two parts slopping towards the inside a little wedge over the entire length isolates the two parts, under the wedge gave a metal deplete pipe. Remoable and r...

Activity Cage 2


This model is miniaturized scale controller based.

Analytical Weight Box


Capacity a) 0-100 gm b) 0-200 gm.

B P Apparatus


Mercury compose

B P Apparatus 2


Dial Type.

Dry & Wet Bulb Thermometer


Dry Wet Bulb Thermometer