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Scan Reader Test



Utilizing Charge-Coupled Device innovation the Scan Reader takes a high determination photograph picture of the test outcomes and examinations them giving you a Po...

Adulterants Test Strips



The utilization of Adulterants Test Strips can cause false negative outcomes in medicate tests by crushing the medications show in the pee or meddling with the tes...

Cotinine Test Device



The Cotinine Test Device is a fast screening test intended to recognize Cotinine, the significant metabolite of Nicotine, in human pee at a level 200 ng/mL. This t...

Hand Grinding Mill


Table settling with solidified granulating circle, arrangements for coarse and fine crushing size

Heating Mantles


Warming Mantles: Heating mantles ( made of glass yarn) with ON/off switch. Accessible in following sizes. Single Size Watt 1. 50ml 60 2. 100ml 60 3. 250ml 150 4. 500ml 200 5. 1 lt. 300 6. 2 lt. 450...

Histamine Chamber


A reduced Histamine Aerosol contraption comprising of a reasonable perpex article chamber isolated in two areas an all glass neubilizer and dial compose sphygmomanometer for test of antihistamines ...

Hofmans Screw Clip


Metal chrome covered. Demonstrate No. Estimate mm a. 12 b. 18 c. 25

Hot Plates


Cycle 20cm(8) dia single plate, electrically worked. a) Complete with three stage revolving switch, attachment and rope. b) Same as above with twofold plates of 8 dia. c) Hot plates rectangular ele...



Created according to standard rule gave byCentral Pollution Control Board, Complete with essential hardware and standard Chimney. Distinctive limits available.Demo Model for universities likewise a...

Two Pan Mechanical Balance


Cast press shaped body. Every working part oftempered steel, effectively replaceable single piece wide shaft, shower painted complete, one side iron shaped plate and opposite side scoop/skillet/pla...

IR Moisture Balance


A fundamental strategy for assurance of moisturecontent, measure percent by weighing and drying all the while. Infra Red radiation are reflected by a globule and its temperature is controlled by a ...

Karl Fischer Apparatus


A) Microprocessor K.F. Dampness Titrator with worked in attractive stirrer, Auto calculation of dampness in ppm, %age and mg H2O, stockpiling of Date, Time, Batch no. last consequences of 20 titrat...

Kjeldhal Distillation Unit


Electrically worked on 220 voltsA.C./D.C compacting of gentle steel tubular stand powder covered and Kjeldhal test radiators and metal condenser rack with water supply game plan for condensers and ...

Lab System Analyzer


Computerized Photocolorimeter with 8 glass channels, principle worked test estimate 1 ml with 2 ½ digit LED show board. No estimations required. Test estimate 1 ml. 3 digit LED show..

Laboratory Jack Atico Box Type


Appropriate for supporting china or shower. The tallness of best jack bolster is effectively accuratelyadjustable by revolution of the handle. Jacks are powder covered with great wrap up. Catalouge...

Leak Test Apparatus


Perfect Instrument to check rankle packs, strip forleak test. The instrument is outfitted with enduring diaphram vacuum pump which gives larger amount of vacuum in briefest conceivable time. Bite t...

Lozenges Board Roller And Punch


12x9x1 thick board with S.S. Top, side customizable strips for different thickness. Hard wood roller, portion punch of size 8,9,12 to 16mm( arrangement of 3).

Mammalian Heart Perfusion Assembly


Mammalian Heart Perfusion Assembly

Mechanical Stirrer


(Research center stirrer) :- fitted with speed controller, tallness and space customizable 1/20 H. P. Air conditioning/DC engine.

Milipore Filter Holder Assembly


Vacuum write jar and clasp. Layer Funnel Flask With neon-Prene Dia mm Cap. Ml plug fitting A)25mm 25 250B)25mm 50 500C)47mm 3 00 1000