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Tuning Forks Set Of 8 For Physics Lab


Tuning Forks Aluminum Set of 8 with Mallet and Calibration Certificate,Nickel-plated, plain shanks, with frequency marked

Flashlamp Low Voltage For Physics Lab


Bulbs with MES cap suitable for flash Lamp.

Tuning Forks Set Of 13 Aluminium For Physics Lab


Nickel-plated steel, plain shanks, with frequency marked . Complete set of 13 Tuning Forks comes with a case.

Auto Transformer For Physics Lab


Continuously variable voltage auto transformer, protected type.


Tuning Forks Set Of 4 On Box For Physics Lab


This set consist of four tuning forks which are placed on a single resonance box to produce a major chord. When...

Ballistic Galvanometer for Physics Lab


 Ballistic Galvanometer Is Used for measurement of small quantities of electrical charge.Levelling Screws for balancing the coil. Coil with the mirror suspended between long suspension at the ...

Vibrator Electrical (Melde\\\'S Apparatus) For Physics Lab


This apparatus is an improved version over the conventional apparatus to demonstrate the effects of vibrations in a stretched cord and study the relationship between frequency, tension and density....

Crocodile Clip For Physics Lab


Spring-loaded serrated jaws, clamping screw for wire, wires may also be soldered. Insulated 4mm sockets.
a) Black b) Red.

Wave From Helix (Slinky) For Physics Lab


This test is done for explaining  wave motion in helical coil of flat area tempered steel, coil dia 75 mm closed length 11 cms. fully stretched upto  3 meters.

Inductance Box for Physics Lab


4 DIAL: MULTIPLIER - x1mH, x10mH, x100mH, x1H
               AIR/ FERRITE CORE, ACCURACY ±3% at 1KHz
Also available in
1 ...

Wave From Helix For Physics Lab


This experiment is done to explain wave motion, pulses, reflection and interference, steel wire close wound helix, 19 mm diameter closed length 3 meters increased to approximately 9 meters.

Insulated Socket Terminal for Physics Lab


Made with captive head, 4mm socket, nuts and washers. The screw top will connect ordinary connecting wires and spade terminals.
a) Black b) Red

Wave Motion Apparatus For Physics Lab


This experiment is used to demonstrate longitudinal and transverse motion, comprising of a number of eccentric discs supporting a series of metal rods while revolving the handle, transverse waves a...

Whirling Table For Physics Lab


Its comes with stand of an overall height of 43 cm. for being utilized in vertical or horizontal position, fitted with hand wheel and wire helix belt drive to pulley. Appropriate to use with Savart...

Interscale For Demonstration Meter For Physics Lab


For use with interscale demonstration meters. Each dial comprises a laminated plastic panel with sealed molded box at one end which contains the shunt or voltage multiplier appropriate to the scale...

Wave Machine Powell For Physics Lab


This experiment is done for the purpose For demonstrating the movement of progressive transverse waves, consisting of 22 small balls on wire rods, with eccentric motion joining, with driving handle...

Clinical Thermometer


Clinical Thermometer

Clinical Thermometer Stick type


Clinical Thermometer Stick type

Dial Thermometer, Diameter 105mm


Dial Thermometer, Diameter 105mm



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