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Semi-Automatic Mounting Press For Metallurgy Lab


RAYEXPORT known as the trusted association in this field of method, affianced in guaranteed an extensive variety of conventional nature of Semi-Automatic Mounting Press that is every now and again ...

DIGI-SCHMIDT typeTest Hammer for Concrete



The Digi-Schmidt gave by us is utilized to the non-damaging estimation of the solid compressive quality. It is additionally utilized for controlling the uniform so...

Testing Anvil for Concrete



Each test pound must be checked after 1000 test impacts. A testing iron block is utilized to check whether their bound test component is working effectively or not...

Ultrasonic Instrument for Concrete



Ultrasonic Instruments gave by Ray Exports can be utilized to discover different properties of material like heartbeat speed, its thickness and its versatile prope...

Automatic Mounting Press For Metallurgy Lab


 programmed mounting Press for metallographic example. It is suitableness for the greater part thermosetting Materials, due to the cooling framework. It need naturally cut-off to warming tempe...

Spectro Sample Polisher For Metallurgical Lab


RAYEXPORT presents to the market the quicker quality example. Prerequisite of excellent examples could be effectively satisfied. Highlights - Machine to suite the circle lodging and to cover the pl...

Hand Polisher For Metallurgical Lab


We are an unparalleled name, occupied with offering an exceptional quality scope of Hand Polisher. It is accessible with 4 surface plates which is accurately used to control the utilization of cons...

Profometer Rebar Detection System for Concrete



It encourages the changes of area and introduction of fortifying bars. It can be utilized to quantify solid cover profundity and bar width. It accompanies highligh...

Torrent Permeability Tester for Concrete



The toughness of solid structures can be dictated by knowing one of the central point known as penetrability of cement at the surface. Numerous authorities feature...

Spectro Double Polisher Machine For Metallurgical Lab


We are a figured name in the business of assembling and providing a prevalent quality scope of Spectro Sample Polishing Machine. With a specific end goal to give an astounding reach to our customer...

Pull-Off Tester DYNA for Concrete



Haul Off Tester DYNA completes test specifically on the structure. It can do estimations on any purpose of the structure. The strain quality can be estimated witho...

Belt Polisher For Metallurgy Lab


all around prestigious maker, exporter and provider of an extensive variety of the best quality Belt Polisher that is intended for introductory harsh granulating. With a specific end goal to make t...

Double Disc Polishing Machine(Floor Model) For Metallurgy Lab


Cleaning Machine gave by RAYEXPORT is appropriate to the cleaning of the example which has been pounded. The example surface is exceptionally smooth in the wake of preparing and can be utilized to ...

Semi-Automatic Polishing Machine For Metallurgical Lab


This metallography AUTO POL machine can be utilized to plan pound, pre-crush and clean. Once evolving grind/clean unit, it can do a wide range of readiness work. AUTOPOL works consistently in low c...

Bundesmann Apparatus


Bundesmann Apparatus is utilized for the water retention and water infiltration of the material textures. It comprises of a steel structure with examples is turned at a predefined speed in this tan...

Air Permeability Tester


Air Permeability analyzer for materials is utilized for air penetrability testing of the textures. Computerized and simple models are accessible. This framework comprises of a course of action for ...

Single Disc Polishing Machine with controller For Metallurgical Lab


RAY EXPORT has other fragment of controlled machine polisher which can create the cleaning of the example which has been smiled. The example surface is exceptionally smooth in the wake of handling ...

Beaker Dyeing Machine


Climatic Pressure Beaker Dyeing Machine is utilized for high temperature biting the dust of texture and yarn. This machine is utilized for test coloring of Yarn/textures at a maximum temperature of...

Pilling Tester


Test the pilling of the material textures provided with layout, 8 elastic tubes and dance/apparatus. Two box and four box models are accessible. The Pilling Tester comprises of two cubical boxers i...

Beasley Balance


Beasley Balance is utilized for measure the immediate yarn check. The adjust made of an aluminum shaft which is rotated at a section with the assistance of two Jewel Bearings. One end of the shaft ...