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Polishing Mach Machine For Metallurgy Lab 1


This machine can perform better in all sort of arrangement work even in granulate changing, with relentlessly and immaterial commotion, regardless of whether the unit measure is bigger. It can be k...

Speed Regulated Polishing Machine For Metallurgical Lab


This most recent machine is to set up the viable metallographic test through pre crushing, pre cleaning through fundamental technique, pounding circle of 100rpm to 1000 rpm speed direction is contr...

Digital Polishing Machine(Table top) For Metallurgical Lab


RAYEXPORT is outstanding for quality machine producing likewise this machine is very much outlined with wonderful crude material and most smart proficient guided for cutting edge innovation, under ...

Crease Recovery Tester


The Crease Recovery Tester is intended to quantify wrinkle recuperation edge of textures. It comprises of a rotational round scale on which a spring write example cinch is settled on the construct ...

Drape Meter


Wrap meter comprises of a round example bolster, an electric light to radiate light, and an uncovering and creating course of action utilizing light delicate smelling salts paper to decided the ter...

Stiffness Tester


The solidness analyzer made of a level, smooth and low grating even metallic surface. These are two vertical straightforward plates on which the line are set apart at indicated point. There is a me...

Conditioning Chamber


The Conditioning Chamber made of cubical shape, the internal body of the chamber made of Stainless Steel, there is a Stainless Steel water tank at the base of the chamber, an inundated radiator is ...

Weld Check Software For Metallurgical Lab


RAYEXPORT presents to the market to influence work process with incredible profitability and quick to stream, with this powerful outlined programming we can enhance the utilization in each needful ...



Perspirometer - Colorfastness of colored or printed textures against sweat is dictated by uncovering the texture test to the activity of both antacid and acidic reagents while in contact with undye...

Vision Measuring Machine For Metallurgy Lab


RAYEXPOT gave the machine by which we can without much of a stretch check the brisk and smaller estimation; this machine has adaptable innovation which offers the synchronized outline according to ...

Brinell Microscope


7mm Graticule; Scale; Magnification : 30x Field of view : 9Mm Measuring Accuracy : 2-3 microns.

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope


A most recent binocular reversed metallurgical magnifying instrument having; co-pivotal coarse and fine movement collected on metal roller guides, furnished with even illuminator with centring arra...

Jominy End Quench Apparatus


This mechanical assembly is utilized for deciding the Hardenability of steel by a trial called Quench Test. This examination will empower the understudy of think about the Hardenability attributes ...

Metallography Specimen Mounting Press


This machine is utilized for mounting the example in a Bakelite Powder and furthermore to deal with appropriately the example amid cleaning. The unit is of a rough development and is enacted by a w...

Metallurgical Polishing Machine


The plate polisher comprises of a 20 cm adjusted cleaning circle mounted on a steel axle. The shaft is situated on substantial obligation metal ball. The circle is effectively removable for brisk c...

Traverse Thread Counter


Navigate Thread Counter - One of the most widely recognized measure of the nature of a texture is the quantity of strings per unit length in both the twist and weft bearings, or its picks and finis...

Water Penetration Resistance - Very Low Range


Water Penetration Resistance - Very Low Rang - The capacity of covered textures to effectively oppose infiltration of water through their coatings is a vital rule for deciding their appropriateness...

Profile Projector


Having 200mm dia rotatable;screen with vernier perusing of 1 minute scale. Halogen globule (12v 100w) with strong state variable light control worked in transformer serviceable on 220V AC principle...

Water Vapour Permeability Tester


Water Vapor Permeability Tester - The water vapor porousness of texture is dictated by setting the test example over the open mouth of a test dish, which contains water and gathering put in a contr...

Exposure Rack


Introduction Rack - Exposure rack for covered texture Various kinds of materials whether it is covered textures, or a polyvinyl chloride sheeting or protection and sheath of link encounter change i...