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De-Mattia Flex Tester


De Mattia flex analyzer need a situated from claiming grips on hold test examples On two tiers for their holding countenances lying in the same verthandi plane. Considering you quit offering on tha...

Compressibility & Recovery Tester


Compressibility and recuperation analyzer of gasket material comprise of a solidified and ground surface on which the example is put. There are an arrangement of steel tube shaped shape a solidifie...

Crockmeter For Leather


One of the test for assurance of shading quickness of colored of printed calfskin is the crocking test. This test is utilized for the assurance of shading speed against rubbing, either under dry or...

Compression Testing Machine


We are driving Manufacturer, exporter and provider of Compression Testing Machine. We plan and build up the entirety of our machines utilizing premium-review crude material and parts that are sourc...

Abrasion Tester (For Sole Leather)


Scraped spot Tester (For Sole Leather) - We offer scraped area analyzer for sole cowhide, which is utilized to test the quality of calfskin sole Civil lab types of gear producers.

Digital Rubber Hardness Tester


We are a main maker of Digital Rubber Hardness Tester. We offer an extensive variety of Digital Rubber Hardness Tester. 


· Accuracy: ? ±1 ...

Dial Type (Dual Needle) Rubber Hardness Tester


We are a main maker of Dial Type (Dual Needle) Rubber Hardness Tester. We offer an extensive variety of Dial Type (Dual Needle) Rubber Hardness Tester. 



Dial Type Rubber Hardness Tester


We are a main producer of Portable Metal Hardness Tester. We offer an extensive variety of Portable Metal Hardness Tester . 


· Shore An is ...

Single Needle Rubber Hardness Tester


Standard Series Hardness Tester is intended to gauge the entrance hardness of elastic, elastomers and other elastic like substances, for example, neoprene, silicone, and vinyl. It can likewise be u...

Abrasion Tester


Scraped area Tester - The protection from Abrasion Tester of sole calfskin might be resolved with the assistance of a drum compose abrader (like NBS abrader). In this test, a rough fabric portion o...

Auxiliary Apparatus


Helper Apparatus - Penetration through most upper cowhides would be moderate on the off chance that they were simply put into contact with water without flexing, and the rate of entrance of most ca...

Bench Thickness Gauge


Seat Thickness Gauge - Accurate assurance of thickness of calfskin is critical in itself for its end use, and additionally to evaluate other physical properties of cowhide under test. The Bench Thi...

Compression Testing Machine (Hand Operated)


Pressure Testing Machine hand worked fitted with dial check. The water driven jack is settled to base. The upper platen has a self-adjusting activity and is connected to a screw which goes through ...

Digital Compression Testing Machine


Pressure testing machine 2000 kn (200 tons) limit electrically worked fitted with computerized show. The water powered jack of 200 tone limit is settled to base.The upper platen has a self adjustin...

Dynamic Water Proofness Tester


Seat Thickness Gauge - Accurate confirmation of thickness of calfskin is basic in itself for its end utilize, and also to assess other physical properties of cowhide under test. The Bench Thickness...

Specific Gravity Tester


Particular Gravity Tester scope of 0.9 to 3.0, the lower stick likewise goes about as a sinker. Likewise, the container is put on the base of an edge which can be climbed or down on a pole settled ...

Compression Set


Comprises of four treated steel plates as above fitted in an apparatus having an unbending base plate and are guided on a couple of vertical poles. The spacers are additionally guided on similar ba...

Shore A Hardness Tester


Shore A Hardness Tester - Hardness is a standout amongst the most vital properties that decide the reasonableness of any elastic part for its proposed end utilize. Uncalled for hardness may invalid...

Folding Tester


Collapsing Tester - The capacity of cowhide utilized as a part of bookbinding to effectively withstand without breaking rehashed opening and shutting of the book is determi­ned by subjectin...

Water Proofness Tester


Water Proofness Tester - Water Proofness of calfskin utilized for fabricate of gloves is dictated by setting a test example taken from the example of cowhide under test on a wetted surface of a met...