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Gelbo Flex Tester


Gelbo Flex Tester - Gelbo Flex Tester is utilized for assurance of flex opposition of adaptable boundary materials. Pinhole development is the model displayed for estimating disappointment, yet dif...

Flammability Tester, Vertivcal Burning Test


Flammability Tester(Vertivcal smoldering Test) - those strategy to order from claiming plastic sheets alternately bar materials from claiming 94V-0, 94V-1, or 94V-2 evaluation flammability will be ...

Flammability Tester (Horizontal Burning Test)


Flammability Tester (Horizontal Afire Test) - The adjustment for allocation of artificial bedding or bar abstracts as 94HB brand flammability is based on the assurance of accumbent afire characteri...

Dart Impact Tester


Dart effect analyzer -Impact imperviousness or sway disappointment load from claiming plastic movies may be characterized as those weight of a hemispherical molded dart, falling on the novel into a...

Bottle Compression Tester


Jug Compression Tester - We offer great quality Bottle Compression Tester that is utilized to test the stacking load/top load conveying limit of Blow Molded containers. common lab types of gear pro...

Precision Color Measurement


Our Precision Color Measurement instrument is utilized as a part of ventures for exact and exact shading estimation. The instrument has twofold finding highlights that are enlightening and cross fi...

Color Spectrophotometer


Shading Spectrophotometer highlights with stable execution, exact estimation and effective capacities in the main position of a similar industry. Spectrophotometer utilizes the standard of blend LE...

Notch Cutter , Motorized


The Rayexports Notch Cutter for Impact testing is intended to play out a next to no pressure grouping of indent in the test tests to ensure that breaking of the example happens at a similar positio...

Transparency Tester


The straightforwardness analyzer is a generally utilized testing instrument in the PET and preform enterprises. The instrument is utilized for testing the straightforwardness of a PET compartment o...

Hot Tack Tester


Rayexports outlines and produces Hot Tack Tester for hot tack and warmth seal execution tests. These tests are performed for plastic movies, overlaid films and other bundling films. The gadget is u...

Digital Opacity Tester


Rayexports Digital Opacity Tester display is intended to quantify the light ingestion/reflection power or straightforwardness of paper and bundling materials. Haziness or straightforwardness is a f...

Environmental Stress, Cracking Resistance


Ecological Stress Cracking is the weak disappointment of a polymeric material from a blend of pressure and condition. The recurrence of disappointment relies upon the material properties, the earth...

Grammage Checking kit


The Grammage Checking unit is utilized to decide the GSM i.e. Gram Per Square Meter of creased sheets and papers. The offered unit is additionally known for demonstrating the moment, precise test o...

Torsion Testing Machine


We deliver a very created Torsion Testing Machine for performing different torsion and wind tests on metal poles and pads. Extraordinary highlights like torque cells, information obtaining framewor...

Universal Testing Machine


Coordinated with bleeding edge innovation, Universal Testing Machine displays before the enterprises a conservative testing arrangement. This machine is equipped for testing shifted parameters like...

Spring Testers


Our organization has gotten an insurgency the spring and wire framing industry with cutting edge Spring Testers. With this machine, we give forefront and non-ruinous testing answers for a few busin...

Rockwell Hardness Tester


Rayexports make hardness analyzer's model HVR, HRS-150, HRB, HRB-250 and HVR are physically worked. These models are composed and created following quite a while of involvement in this field. Every...

Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester


We are a main maker of Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester. We offer an extensive variety of Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester. 


Pencils for Pencil Hardness Tester


· The test is exceptionally easy to do, will give uniform outcomes, and is tried and true in light of the fact that the pencils are evaluated. The review of the pencil is con...

Pen Type Hardness Tester



· Self-contained (affect gadget d coordinated): no links. 

· Integrated effect heading sensor 

· Highly exact (±4h...