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Digital Portable Metal Hardness Tester


Effect estimate, simple activity, Wide estimating range in HLD, coordinate show of changed over hardness esteems in HB, HRB, HRC,HRA, HV, HS, High materialness, can be utilized for hardness testing...

Spring Testing Machine


Item Details This Spring Testing Machine is a story standing electro-mechanical physically operational testing machine. This machine is generally used to test a wide range of loop springs, plate sp...



Flexometer is utilized for the appraisal of the flexing perseverance of light calfskins and their surface completions. The capacity of light cowhides, for example, those utilized as a part of shoe ...

Crackness Tester (Apparatus)


Crackness Apparatus comprises of a brace gadget, which unbendingly holds one end of the test piece. A mandrel of the coveted distance across and a roller of breadth 25mm reach the fragile living cr...

Vibration Table


The vehicle bundles in all circulation framework are subjected to changing forces of vibrations.Vibration Test is completed to evaluate the execution of a filled bundle or furniture regarding its q...

Water Vapour Permeability


Water Vapor Permeability Tester made of twelve metal jugs. It gauges water vapor penetrability of cowhide. The containers have nut of round opening. The jugs are mounted on the jugs holders which p...

Gloss Meter


Shine Meter is the most conservative gadget for estimating the gleam and splendor of various materials. Gleam is the correlation among the visual recognitions display in various questions and surfa...

Moisture Meter


Dampness Meter is an electrical obstruction write computerized dampness meter. In the event that figures based on mass of water/mass of solids. Since the electrical conductivity of paper is impress...

Spray Tester


Splash Tester comprises of a remain for holding the shower gadget the catch partition have an example holder at 45° whose inside lie at the middle line of the shower gadget. splash gadget made of ...



The goal of this test is to determine whether the upper utilized as a part of the footwear is frail or has variable stretch properties .In both these cases, the upper may break under the impact of ...

Finish Film Adhesion Tester


Complete Film Adhesion Tester made test example plates on which the test example is glue. There are an arrangement of Pressing Jig on which the test example plates are mount. An arrangement of stac...

Specific Gravity Balance


Particular Gravity Balance gives a basic and snappy intend to peruse specifically the particular gravity of elastic and different elastomers. Along these lines decreasing work and taking out comput...

Rubber Hardness Tester


IRHD compose rayexport Tester made a vertical plunger. The lower side of the plunger has an indenter. The lower state of the indenter is ball sort of determined measurement. The upper sides of the ...

Din Abrasion Tester


Commotion Abrasion analyzer will be outlined will determine abrasion safety list for characteristic and engineered elastic On understanding with those over guideline. It comprises for test example ...

De-Mattia Flex Tester


De Mattia flex analyzer need a situated from claiming grips on hold test examples On two tiers for their holding countenances lying in the same verthandi plane. Considering you quit offering on tha...

Compressibility & Recovery Tester


Compressibility and recuperation analyzer of gasket material comprise of a solidified and ground surface on which the example is put. There are an arrangement of steel tube shaped shape a solidifie...

Crockmeter For Leather


One of the test for assurance of shading quickness of colored of printed calfskin is the crocking test. This test is utilized for the assurance of shading speed against rubbing, either under dry or...

Compression Testing Machine


We are driving Manufacturer, exporter and provider of Compression Testing Machine. We plan and build up the entirety of our machines utilizing premium-review crude material and parts that are sourc...

Abrasion Tester (For Sole Leather)


Scraped spot Tester (For Sole Leather) - We offer scraped area analyzer for sole cowhide, which is utilized to test the quality of calfskin sole Civil lab types of gear producers.

Digital Rubber Hardness Tester


We are a main maker of Digital Rubber Hardness Tester. We offer an extensive variety of Digital Rubber Hardness Tester. 


· Accuracy: ? ±1 ...