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Light Fastness Tester


Light Fastness Tester - Light Fastness Tester is utilized to test the colorfastness of the material. For most materials, colorfastness against fake light is a vital property that decides their appr...

Exposure Rack


Introduction Rack is utilized for the shading speed against daylight of material textures. It is intended to test shading quickness of materials to sunshine. The test is completed by uncovering an ...

Split Tear Tester


Split Tear Tester - Micro cell sheets utilized as a part of the fabricate of hawai chappals and shoe soles ought to be impervious to slitting on the off chance that they get split over their thickn...

Ross Flex Tester


Ross Flex Tester - The capacity of elastic vulcanizates to oppose split development of a punctured example when subjected to rehashed bowing can be assessed with the assistance of a Ross Flex Teste...

Pressure Head Tester


Hydrostatic Head Tester made on an unbending stage, which comprises of a focal all around fitted with a coaxial ring cinch to affix the test piece over the well. The upper clip has the up and down ...

Rub Proofness Tester


Rub Proofness Tester - The Rub Proofness Tester is utilized for testing the speed of shade of light cowhides to wet and dry rubbing and estimating the exchange of shading to the material with which...

Shore A Hardness Tester 2


Shore A Hardness Tester - Hardness is a standout amongst the most vital properties which decide the reasonableness of any elastic segment for its planned end utilize. Wrong hardness may nullify the...

Multi-Cell Ageing Oven


Multi-Cell Aging Oven - Accelerated maturing test is directed on polymers to assess their protection from decay with the progression of time. For this reason the test example is subjected to contro...

Indentation Hardness Tester


Space Hardness Tester for rubber treated coir padding is utilized for the space hardness estimation of froth, PU froth, rubber treated coir and latex froth. The framework comprises of a shear shaft...

Ball Resilience Tester


Space Acerbity Tester for elastic advised coir added is activated for the amplitude acerbity admiration of froth, PU froth, elastic advised coir and acrylic froth. The framework comprises of a micr...

Tensile Strength Tester


Rigidity and extension are the two prime qualities of a large portion of the crude materials, regardless of whether they are metals: or non-metals, for example, froth, elastic, materials, plastic, ...

Schildknecht Flex Tester


Schildknecht flex analyzer comprising of a couple of tempered steel chambers with the goal that the pivot of each match are in a similar straight line. Holding with the assistance of the hose cut (...

Computerized Tensile Testing Machine


It depends on the Constant Rate of Traverse (CRT) guideline. The example is held between two jaws; the upper one is a stationary jaw while the opposite end is made to move at a known settled speed ...

Tensile Testing Machine


Tractable Testing Machine - Tensile quality and prolongation are the two prime attributes of the greater part of the crude materials, regardless of whether they are metals; or non metals, for examp...

Handel Break Fixture


The handel break installation is utilized as a part of relationship with the pliable testing machine to test the power that is required to break the handle of the home apparatuses produced using Ba...

Fogging Tester


The Fogging Tester is extraordinarily composed gear for testing the misting qualities or VOCs of calfskin, plastics, vinyl and materials for car, aviation and other transportation vehicles. 

Salt Spray Chamber


The Fogging Tester is phenomenally formed apparatus for testing the moistening characteristics or VOCs of calfskin, plastics, vinyl and materials for auto, flight and other transportation vehicles....

Coating Thickness Gauge


Covering Thickness Gauge is broadly utilized as a part of industry to quantify the dry film thickness. These are uniquely intended for checking the non-ferrous covering as chrome, electrifying, ele...

Horizontal Flammability Tester


The Horizontal Flammability Tester for inside of engine vehicle comprises of a tempered s...

Diesel Engine Rig VAG PDI Unit Injection


Principle Technical Specifications: Bosch motor administration framework. Commonly ASZ motor code or comparative. Euro IV emanations agreeable. Fitted with maker indicative attachment (16 stick). M...