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Balance Spring Dial Type


Depiction: Dial write, roundabout scale, 6 crawls with suspension and load snares, with zero agent. Limit Sub-division 10kg 50 gm. 25kg 100 gm. 50kg 200 gm. 100kg 500 gm.

Spring Balance


Polystyrene bodies with huge, effectively read level scales, zero customizable gadget having anodized metal scale is given. Limit Subdivision A 100 1 B 200 2 C 250 2.5 D 500 5 E 1000 10 F 2000 20

Balance Lever


An immediate perusing, single container adjust with its scale as a quadrant. The curve scale is graduated in double scopes of 0-250x 1 gm and 0-1000x5gm which can be set utilizing the weight arm ga...

Spring Balances Newton


Level frame with snare and metal lacquered scale, after Salter plan. Generally precise. Limit A 1N B 2N C 5N D 10N E 20N F 50N G 100N.

Serological Water Bath


Serological Water Bath Double walled development inward chamber is made of hardened steel ,; Outer chamber is made of gentle steel with powder covering. The hole between the two dividers loaded wit...

Spring Balance Acrylic


Tubular adjust produced using fine plastic. Each range is shading coded for simple distinguishing proof. The adjust can be utilized for both power and mass estimations. Spring activity is obviously...

Tubular Spring Balance With Colour Code


This tubular spring balance is extraordinarily intended for weighing of babies having weight up to 5 kg. Shading coding is given on the adjust to simple recognizable proof of weight. Accessible in ...

Spring Balance Tubalor


We are rumored as a standout amongst the most superior Weight Balancing Equipment Suppliers in India. TheSpring Balancehas a tubular metal body with suspension ring and load snare and with clear sc...

Electronic Plateform Balance


Electronic Plateform Balance Science Lab Platform Scale are accessible in high determination complete of up to 15,000 checks that make these simple to peruse (0.8") high brilliant RED LED ...

Accurate Moisture Measurement with New Weight Sensor


The dampness substance of an assortment of tests can be estimated utilizing a variety of drying modes. The drying status can be seen initially with the change go display.Active in an assortment of ...

Water Still


Highlights : 1. Plenteous Output. The still gives, 4 Liters/hr. Of refined water created through a power contribution of 3 KW by a Chromium Plated radiator housed in a level Borosilicate ;;;;;; Gla...

Table Top Autoclave 20 L


Chamber limit: 20L CE EN13060 2008 release confirmed Safety highlights included and ensured! Programmed control and water inletAuto-dry mode Overall measurements: 624x430x621mm (WxHxD) Power Consum...

BOD Incubator


They are most adaptable for Biochemical Oxygen Demand conclusions. Castor wheel mounted bureau is twofold walled with internal council of aluminum or S.S. furthermore, external divider made up of M...

Blood Bank Refrigerator


The temperature is kept up upto 4 deg. to 6 deg. for putting away blood jugs or blood sacks. Temperature is controlled through strong state computerized marker cum-controller and triggers the varyi...

Deep Freezer Low Temperature Cabinet


Unit is fitted with strong state computerized temperature marker cumcontroller. Vertical models are likewise provided with three treated steel putting away retires. Press outline alongside castor w...

Refrigerated Water Bath


These Refrigerated Water Baths are fitted with ISI checked CFC free compressor for compelling cooling. Warming is realized by inundation write warming components. Temperature extend is from 5 C to ...

Oven Universal (Memmert Type)


Memmert Type Universal Oven for Laboratory Use For each lab and research labs, they are broadly useful warming types of gear, an unquestionable requirement. They are tough twofold walled units with...

Vacuum Oven (Round/ Rectangular)


Vacuum Ovens from RAYEXPORT, India They are perfect warmth treatment gear where a mass must be warmed at a temperature under vacuum. They are twofold walled barrel shaped/rectangular units with ext...

Muffle Furnace


Suppress Furnace from RAYEXPORT India Temperature control unit comprises of vitality controller or electronic temperature controller, fitted before heater with two pilot lights. Most extreme temper...

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet 1


Laminar Air-Flow Chambers/Cabinets from RAYEXPORT Our level Laminar wind currents are composed, to meet the prerequisites of US Federal Standard 209 B (BS 5295) roviding molecule free air to meet C...