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Immuno Electrophoresis Apparatus


Containing walled relocation cell made of white Perspex, external chamber is furnished with channels and outlets for flow of chilly water, internal chamber is the cradle chamber fitted with cathode...



This instrument is utilized for piece gel electrophoresis, Thin layer Chromatrography, Forensic examination and D.N.A. Investigation/Experimentation. Transilluminators give bright light from undern...

White/Ultra Voilet Transilluminator (Dual Model)


This is a conjuct component of ultra violet and white light sources. Ultra violet area can be utilized to look at section gel electrophoresis, Thin Layer Chromatography, D.N.A and Nucleic Acids. Wh...

Platform Gel Rocker


Gel rocker can be utilized for some, applications like gel recoloring, culture air circulation, smudging layer and so forth. An elastic tangle is accommodated no slipping surface for the stage. The...

Dry Bath


The dry shower is intended to consistently warm the substance of 24 tubes from Ambient to 110°C. The temperature is controlled by a foreign made vitality controller. It guarantees the exact temper...

Test Sieves


8" (20 cm.) measurement, metal casing, without joint and with a hardened steel fabric.

Coarse Sieves


12" dia., (30 cm.), G.I. sheet outline with steel sheet square punching.

Sieve Shaker, Gyratory Type


It is driven by a 0.25 H.P. engine, 220 volt A.C. through a diminishment adapt and is appropriate to convey upto 7 sifters of 6" or 8" dia. At the point when braced the sifter table does not turn b...

Sieve Shaker, Hand Operated


For 20 cm. width strainers. The compact sifter shaker is a hand worked light weight unit intended for simple taking care of and transportation. The mechanical assembly can be utilized both in field...

Anaerobic Culture Jar B.T.L. Type


Changed mcintosh and fildes design, all metal development comprising of a hardened steel jolt with a best spine recessed for a torodial elastic fixing ring and a cover held set up by a solid scaffo...

Culture Jar Anaerobic


Altered MCINTOSH and flides design, for the protected development of anaerobes by utlising an impetus which is dynamic above fixing 0° C. The overwhelming polycarbonate shake 23 cm, high x15cm. br...

Anaerobic Culture Jar 3.5 Litre with Vaccum cum Pressure Gauge


Straightforward anaerobic culture jug of 3.5 liter limit which is made of polycarbonate. The cover of the container is made of aluminum weight bite the dust throwing fitted with weight valve, vacuu...

Auto Karl Fisher Titrimeter, Digital


Auto titration control. 

Auto zero burette. 

Movable clock. 

Visual and capable of being heard caution. 


Bio Chemistry Analyzer






End point with standard/factor 


Haemoglobin Meter, Portable


Versatile and elite computerized hemoglobin meter is requires completely mechanized process. This gives simple, quick and exceptionally exact observing of hemoglobin. In this the modification or ad...

Haemoglobin Meter, Digital, Table Model


Completely Automatic 

Zero setting by finger contact catch. 

Memory for putting away examples. 

1 ml arrangement estimation. <...

Melting Point Apparatus, Digital, Fully Automatic


Computerized Automatic Melting Point Apparatus is intended for speedy and exact location of liquefying point. Highlight pressed and simple to utilize, this is a basic seat top device. This gear has...

Melting Point Apparatus, Digital


Simple to Operate. 

Temperature go surrounding to 275°C. 

Readability: 1°C 


Nephelometer Meter, Digital, Table Model


Sewage and drinking water testing. 

Very steady, solid and exact outcomes. 

3½ digit LED show. 

Basic and simple to utilize.

Potentiometer, Digital (Table Model)


Utilized for potentiometeric estimations. 

Results are shown in milli volts on a direct computerized read out by light transmitting diodes(LED).

Technical Spe...