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Funnel with Thistle Head


Funnel with Thistle Head

Filter Funnels, Long Stem 60


Filter Funnels, Long Stem 60

Funnels, Short Stem (for powder)


Funnels, Short Stem (for powder)

Filter Pump Funnels


Filter Pump Funnels

Separating Funnel, with interchangeable stopper


Separating Funnel, with interchangeable stopper

Separating Funnels, with PTFE plug,cylindrical and interchangeable Stopper


Separating Funnels, with PTFE plug,cylindrical and interchangeable Stopper

Daniel Cell, Complete


This cell is enduring and solid and might be utilized as open or close circuit works. It comprises of a zinc bar submerged in a discharge permeable pot which thus, isin in other copper metal holder...

Deflagrating Spoon with Lid


Pass on squeezed steel spoon, 20 mm dia., welded with pole. 

Finish with front of 90 mm dia. having stopper in community for holding the pole. 

A quality...

Demonstration Transformer with 2 Secondary Coils


Perfect for exhibiting standard of Transformers. Transformer Demonstration comprises of one mains curl and two optional loops are given which can be utilized each one in turn. The optional curls ha...

Diffraction Gratings


Diffraction Gratings are made of imitation on glass plate and edge. 

Diffraction Grating accessible in 300 lines, 600 lines and understudy compose with 1500 Lines for every in...

Diode Mounted


For tests in diode qualities. 

A standard diode valve is mounted on a base with attachments for associations. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for ...

Dissecting Board


Chosen delicate wood in one piece. Stick can be effectively squeezed with the assistance of hand as it were. 

Accessible in 2 sizes of: 

8x10 inches ...

Dissecting Forceps


Analyzing Forceps are comprised of careful review steel. 

Every 6 inch long. Accessible in Sharp and limit models. 

Customary and Heavy Types accessible....

Dissecting kits


Standard Student Dissectng Kits with all Instruments of High Quality. 

Dismembering Kit 14 Instruments, Economy 

Dismembering Kit No 118, 18 Instruments&...

Dissecting needles with plastic handles


Dismembering Needle with Plastic Handle, Straight. 

Around 5 inch long. 

A quality item from rayexport perfect for use in School Laboratories in creating...

Dissecting Scissors, Stainless Steel


Dismembering Scissors all around planned, top notch hardened steel sharp edges and bolts to meet the different prerequisites in research center. 

Around 10cm long. 

Dissecting Trays (With/Without Wax)


About size 12inch long x 8inch width x 1.5inch profundity 

Dismemberment Tray accessible with or without wax. 

Made of GI sheet. 


Dynamic Trolley


Wooden trolley is mounted on three wheels. A spring stacked bar is fitted to give motivation when discharged. It has a catch on top to empower the inpulse instrument. To be utilized as a part of me...

Dynamo Working Model


A basic show of a Dynamo Model mounted on a plastic base. Hand driven by a rigging. Improved open edge development which can be promptly comprehended without drawbacks to its basic similitude to ge...

Ebonite Rods


Ebonite Rod. 

With plain finishes. Around 12"" long and 9mm in width 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for use in School Laboratories in creating na...