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Inside Outside Calliper


Standard Inside Outside Caliper for Student Use 

Bow write 

Halfway mounted alteration screw 

Made from cleaned steel 


Induction Coil


The Primaries are injured with thicker Copper enameled secured wire on Latherite Pipe in two sections and given overwhelming protection, each layer is injured in the front of margarine paper and su...

Kinetic Theory Apparatus


emonstrates the motor hypothesis of gases and related marvels, for example, diminishing of air with expanding height and so forth comprises of a straightforward tube shaped plastic tube with an ela...

Lab Coat


Comprised of cotton. White in shading. Standard Size for all. Likewise accessible Large Size extraordinarily for African Region Students. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfec...

Knife Switch


Low voltage, Single/Double Knife Switch made of plated spring metal contacts and screw connectors. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for use in School Laboratories in cre...

Gas Lighter


Gas Lighter is utilized as a part of nearly in each research center, family unit kitchen, eatery kitchen, roadside outlets, and so forth. Produced from gentle steel, these lighters have solid devel...

Glass Block Rectangular


Produced using optical glass with optically worked surfaces, edges marginally slanted and glass free from bubbles. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for use in School Lab...

Glass Prism


Glass Prisms are made utilizing perfectly clear glass and are known for their exact measurements and solid execution. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for use in School ...

Lactometers, Plastic Container, Cowbell


Lactometer, Plastic Container, Cowbell gadget is utilized to quantify the particular gravity of fluids. The offered gadget is comprised of borosilicate glass and have a plastic compartment and is g...

Leclanche Cell


Permeable pot with a zinc pole with metal terminal. Due to its higher e.m.f. (1.5V) and bring down inward opposition, this phone will convey a more grounded current for brief timeframe contrasted w...

Glass Semi Circular Blocks


A great glass hinder with optically worked surfaces. 

All sides cleaned 

Precise points 

Measurements: 4 inch distance across, 15mm...

Glass Stirring Rods


Glass Stirring Rods - made of delicate glass and highlight adjusted finishes. Bars are six inches in length and five millimeters in distance across. 

A quality item from RAYEX...

Lens Cleaning Tissue (Packet)


Focal points and other optical surfaces produced using glass, quartz or plastic can be effortlessly scratched on the off chance that you don't perfect them with a delicate surface. Brilliant focal ...

Lift Pump, Glass


Borosilicate Glass 

Exhibits valve activity and water driven stream. Glass barrel cylinder course of action with non return skim valves and a slide tube for liquid outlet.&nbs...

Gloves, Rubber


Elastic gloves are most productive and solid supplies which are utilized with the end goal of wellbeing and security of the hands of the specialists working in different research center works ident...

Gloves, Latex disposables


Latex Disposable Gloves are ease expendable compose gloves. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for use in School Laboratories in creating nations of Asia, Africa and South...

Gold Leaf Electroscope


A metal plate on which a solitary gold leaf bolstered by a protecting bramble in a metal case with a 4mm attachment earthing terminal. The front window is clear and the back window is of ground gla...

Gold Leaf, Extra


A pack of 10 leaves for Gold Leaf Electroscope. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for use in School Laboratories in creating nations of Asia, Africa and South America.&nb...

Linear Expansion Apparatus


This Linear Expansion testing gadget makes considering the extension of metals basic and in a flash noticeable to the understudy. A metal pole is embedded into the steam chamber and steam is connec...

Liquid Level Apparatus on Base


To demonstrate that the level of fluid in imparting vessels is steady regardless of the size or state of the vessels. The contraption involves four glass containers of various shapes and cross-sect...