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Hand Lens with White Plastic Handle


Hand Lens with white plastic handle. 50mm measurement focal point. Economy Model. 

A quality item from JAPSON perfect for use in School Laboratories in creating nations of Asi...

Litmus Paper, Red/Blue


Litmus Paper Red/Blue is utilized for least complex, most secure method for telling in the case of something is corrosive or base (soluble). These are appropriate for all ages for basic pH testing ...

Hand Lens with Black Plastic Case


Hand Lens with dark plastic handle and case. Diverse breadth focal points accessible. Unrivaled Type. 

A quality item from JAPSON perfect for use in School Laboratories in cre...

Litmus Paper, JOHNSON Type


These Superior Johnson Type litmus papers are anything but difficult to utilize and are great at showing whether an example is corrosive or basic. These litmus papers don't accompany a shading grap...

Hares Apparatus on Stand


For contrasting the densities of fluids by estimating the statures of two sections of fluid created by applying suction to focus appendage. Containing three limbed glass tube mounted on finished wo...

Hoffman Clips


Press chromed, with projection plate to avert harm to tubing by end of screw, with pivoted base bar for guide fitting and evacuated without access to closures of tube. Accessible likewise in Brass....

Hoffman Voltameter


The glass unit has two associated appendages, each graduated 50 x 0.2 ml, with stopcocks, with a tube and a channel formed repository globule. Hoffmans Voltameter to exhibit that H2O comprises of t...

Loop Holder


Vaccinating Loop Holder Nickel plated metal bar with nickel plated metal screw hurl. Fitted into bakelite handle. For holding vaccinating circles. 

A quality item from RAYEXPO...

Magnetising Demagnetising Coil


Low voltage, reasonable for polarizing and demagnetizing normal magnet, press bars, strips, and so on. Contains a solenoid twisted with protected copper wire and mounted on a base, finish with swit...

Hot Plate


A round cast press plate is settled on a thick mellow steel body. Body is convered with layer of paint. This give a very shriek and warmth safe surface for durable appealing completion. Temperature...

Human Model, Brain


This 2 section mind is separated into the correct half and left half. Life-estimate. On stand, Appropriately shaded and numbered with scratch card. Likewise accessible on base on request. 


Manometer on Stand Wall Hanging Type


It is little Manometer utilized for exactness estimation of Pressure, Differential Pressure for stream estimation in plants. 

Mounted on Wooden Base with size of 15cm on base ...

Human Model, Circulatory System


This model demonstrates the vascular framework, human skeletal structure comprising of the blood vessel/venous framework, heart, lung, liver, spleen, kidneys and halfway skeleton. Mounted on a base...

Manometer on Stand, Table Model


It is standard Manometer utilized for accuracy estimation of Pressure, Differential Pressure for stream estimation in plants. 

Mounted on Wooden Base to remain on table with s...

Human Model, Digestive System


This model demonstrating the entire stomach related framework i.e nose, mouth hole and pharyngs, throat, liver with irk blader, pancreas and spleen. The duodenum, caecum and rectum are opened at th...

Metal Cubes


Metal Cubes – an arrangement of metal 3D shapes including copper, metal, aluminum, mellow steel, hardened steel and bronze solid shapes. 

Perfect for tests to show attractiv...

Human Model, DNA Structure


It demonstrates portion of DNA Molecule and instrument of replication. Mounted on board, suitably hued with numbered scratch card. 

A quality item from RAYEXPORT perfect for u...

Meter Bridge and Pencil Jockey


The four-hole connect has a huge and overwhelming copper segment of mounted on a substantial 3/4 inch thick covered base. Nine terminals are given to lessen the protection from a base. The finishes...

Human Model, Ear


This variant is 4-5 times bigger than the first for simple exhibition. Petrous bit of the fleeting bone area of the sound-related waterway is removable.The tympanic film with malleus and incus are ...

Human Model, Eye


This model is 3 times developed and separated into six sections. The two parts of sclera with cornea, eye muscle connections, choroid with iris, retina, focal point and vitreous funniness can be se...