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Beakers (Euro Design, TPX)


Material : TPX 

Measuring utencils, formed in TPX, have brilliant clearness and great compound obstruction. These autoclavable Beakers have noticeably raised graduations on th...

Measuring Cylinder, Round, PP


Material: Poly Methyl Pentene 

Estimating barrel shaped in TPX are single piece chamber .These autoclavable barrel have raised unmistakable graduation for simple perusing and have...

Measuring Cylinder, Hexagonal, PP


Material: Polyrpopylene 

Estimating chamber are currently accessible with hexagonal base also.The hexagonal base give fantastic strength to the barrel where as the decreased g...

Measuring Cylinder, Round, TPX


Material: Poly Methyl Pentene 

Estimating chamber shaped in TPX are single piece barrel .These autoclavable barrel have raised conspicuous graduation for simple perusing and have ...

Measuirng Cylinder, Pentagonal, PP


Material: Polypropylene 

Adding to the scope of round and hexagonal base barrel are the pentagonal ones. We presently offers you an extensive variety of chamber with various b...

Measuring Jug, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These helpful containers formed in polypropylene are clear autoclable anf have great substance obstruction .These containers are porvided with a handl...

Measuring Jugs (Euro Design), Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Adding to the exisitng scope of containers, these short frame straightforward containers made of polypropleyene are autoclable and have non dribble sp...

Conical Measure, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These cone shaped measure are useful for estimating little amounts of reagents .Molded in polyprolylene these autoclavable measure have a hexagonal ba...

Volumetric Flask


aterial: Polypropylene 

Volumetric flagon, blown in polylropleyene, are more grounded, unbreakable and have great contact clarity.The autoclavable cup are given screw tops to ...

Burette, Plastic


Material :Polymethyl Methacrylate/TPX 

This Burette has a straightforward acrylic body and an airtight stopcock made fitted with a self greasing up PTFE plug. Every Burette is...

Funnels -Long Stem, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These long stem channels have smooth dividers, 60° cone point and outside ribs to counteract isolated space. Shaped in Polypropylene, these reasonabl...

Analytical Funnel, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Composed particularly for expository science, the collection of channel is 60°. Formed in PP, these channels are furnished with inward and outside ri...

Connectors (T & Y), Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

These connectors add to the current scope of connectors. The peak and valley structure gave at all the closures of the connectors give astounding sea...

Connectors (Cross), Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

These four way connectors turn out to be a magnificent alternative for accomplishing sealed joints in tubing associations.

Connectors (L Shaped), Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

These L molded connectors additionally add to the scope of various connectors resolved to give astounding airtight tube plans.

Desiccator (Vaccum), Plastic


Material: Polypropylene/Polycarbonate 

Desiccators are made of Polypropylene and Polycarbonate.. These autoclavebale vaccum desiccators can hold vaccum upto 740mm of Hg for 24...

Pneumatic Trough, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These trough made of polypropylene are autoclavable and are accessible in various sixes.These can be utilized for an extensive variety of reason inclu...

Desiccator (Plain), Plastic


Material: Polypropylene/Polycarbonate 

Plain Desiccators are physically the same as Vaccum Desiccator . Just contrast is the nonappearance of stop rooster. Oil ought to be con...

Storage Boxes, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These capacity boxes made of polypropylene turn out to be a brilliant alternative for capacity of various powdered reagents and other material in the ...

Atomic Model Set


Material : Polystyrene 

These sets comprise of shaped bundles of various hues and sizes alongside associating carries of diffeent sizes. These sets are exceptionally useful in...