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Measuring Jugs (Euro Design), Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Adding to the exisitng scope of containers, these short frame straightforward containers made of polypropleyene are autoclable and have non dribble sp...

Conical Measure, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These cone shaped measure are useful for estimating little amounts of reagents .Molded in polyprolylene these autoclavable measure have a hexagonal ba...

Volumetric Flask


aterial: Polypropylene 

Volumetric flagon, blown in polylropleyene, are more grounded, unbreakable and have great contact clarity.The autoclavable cup are given screw tops to ...

Burette, Plastic


Material :Polymethyl Methacrylate/TPX 

This Burette has a straightforward acrylic body and an airtight stopcock made fitted with a self greasing up PTFE plug. Every Burette is...

Funnels -Long Stem, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These long stem channels have smooth dividers, 60° cone point and outside ribs to counteract isolated space. Shaped in Polypropylene, these reasonabl...

Analytical Funnel, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

Composed particularly for expository science, the collection of channel is 60°. Formed in PP, these channels are furnished with inward and outside ri...

Connectors (T & Y), Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

These connectors add to the current scope of connectors. The peak and valley structure gave at all the closures of the connectors give astounding sea...

Connectors (Cross), Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

These four way connectors turn out to be a magnificent alternative for accomplishing sealed joints in tubing associations.

Connectors (L Shaped), Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

These L molded connectors additionally add to the scope of various connectors resolved to give astounding airtight tube plans.

Desiccator (Vaccum), Plastic


Material: Polypropylene/Polycarbonate 

Desiccators are made of Polypropylene and Polycarbonate.. These autoclavebale vaccum desiccators can hold vaccum upto 740mm of Hg for 24...

Pneumatic Trough, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These trough made of polypropylene are autoclavable and are accessible in various sixes.These can be utilized for an extensive variety of reason inclu...

Desiccator (Plain), Plastic


Material: Polypropylene/Polycarbonate 

Plain Desiccators are physically the same as Vaccum Desiccator . Just contrast is the nonappearance of stop rooster. Oil ought to be con...

Storage Boxes, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

These capacity boxes made of polypropylene turn out to be a brilliant alternative for capacity of various powdered reagents and other material in the ...

Atomic Model Set


Material : Polystyrene 

These sets comprise of shaped bundles of various hues and sizes alongside associating carries of diffeent sizes. These sets are exceptionally useful in...

Crystal Model Set


Material : Polythylene 

These gem Model sets contain diverse shaded jacks (Red , Black and white) and connectors (long and short) in an endorsed number to be combined in an il...

Slide Box, Plastic


Material: Polystyrene 

These slide boxes are solid , smaller and give most extreme security to 1x3" slides. Overwhelming dividers won't twist, fragment or break. Boxes ae unaf...

Pipette Pump, Plastic


Material :Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene 

A quick discharge pipetting gadget for exact pipetting and zip brisk purging. The Knurled thumbwheel can be pivoted to draw up ordis...

Fisher Clamp, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

These clasps are formed in Polypropylene making it totally consumption evidence. The spring stacked jack in the center gave a bad habit like grasp to...

Separatory Funnel Holder, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

This non destructive Separatory Funnel Holder, Molded in Polypropylene has a front opening which gave clear perspective of the arrangement and permit...

Draining Rack, Plastic


Material: Acrylopitrile Butadiene Styrene/Polycarbonate 

Depleting rack gives a superb alternative to post wash depleting of tubes and jug in the laboratory.the back plate has...