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Wash Bottle, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

Wash bottles are made of Low Density Polythene which gives these containers a translucent and unbreakable chracter. Arrangements can be poured effect...

Wash Bottle (New Type), Plastic


Material: Low Density Polypropylene 

These jugs are likewise made of Low Denisty Polythylene and are subsequently translucent and unbreakable. The recognizing highlight that t...

Reagent Bottle (Narrow Mouth), Plastic


Material : Polypropylene These limited Mouth Reagent Bottles are accessible in Polypropylene. The PP Bottles are unbending, translucent and have phenomenal conatct clearness. These containers can b...

Reagent Bottle (Wide Mouth), Plastic


Material : Polypropylene These Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles are accessible in Polypropylene. The PP bottles are inflexible, translucent and have incredible contact clearness. These can be autoclaved ...

Narrow Mouth Bottle, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene This autoclaveable jug, made of polypropylene, can be utilized for putting away and transfering synthetic substances and different reagents safe and sound

Wide Mouth Square Bottle, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene This autoclave capable container made of polypropylene can be utilized for putting away and shipping synthetic concoctions and reagents. Being wide mouthed, it is constantl...

Dropping Bottle, Plastic


Material :Low Density Polyethylene 

Blown in Low Density Polythylene , Dropping Bottles apportion little uniform drops of fluids when squeezed delicately.

Dropping Bottle (Euro Design), Plastic


Material :Low Density Polyethylene 

These jug made in law thickness polythylene administer little uniform dropof fluids. The extraordinary component of these container is the ...

Carboy, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene Made of polypropylene are substantially lighter than glass. These autoclave capable tried and true and solid Carboys are furnished with wide handles making it helpful while...

Carboy With Stop Cock, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

Including line of suction apparatuses, these polypropylene carboys are autoclavebale tried and true and solid. These are additionally furnished with ...

Aspirator Bottle, PP


Material : Polypropylene 

Suction apparatus Bottles are made of Polypropylene and are in this way considerably lighter than glass. These are autoclaveable , sturdy and tried a...

Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottle, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene This autoclave capable jug made of polypropylene has thick dividers is rough and can be utilized for rehashed utilizations of vacuum.

Solution Bottle, Plastic


Perfect for safe arrangement stockpiling. The substance safe and gamma light sanitized guarantee safe stockpiling of your answer.

Conical Flask, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene 

Made of Polypropylene , these cone molded flagons are inflexible, translucent and autoclavebale. The screw top keeps the substance of the flagon sull...

Water Bottle, Plastic


Material : Polypropylene/Stainless steel 

Accessible in two distinct sizes or bolstering the species with metallic best.

Test Tube Stand, Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

The autovlable stand is maybe the most regularly utilized Test tube remain in different research centers .For better perceivability the six place rack...

Test Tube Stand (Round), Plastic


Material: Polypropylene 

A handly little space saver this roundabout 12 put polypropleyene test tueb stand has four 25 mm dia gaps and eight 19 mm dia gap in its best plates.T...

Universal Multi Rack


Material: Polypropylene 

This rack is a superb lab mechanical assembly perfect with various size of tubes.Four sides of these racks can be utilized for containers of 30 mm,20 ...

Test Tube Stand (Three Tier), Polypropylene


Material: Polypropylene 

These keen racks with a 3 - level give a reasonable perspective of the tube substance and convinent inclusion and evacuation of tubes.The PC rack has ...

Test Tube Stand (Three Tier), Polycarbonate


Material: Polycarbonate 

These clever racks with a 3 - level give an unmistakable perspective of the tube substance and convinent inclusion and evacuation of tubes.The PC rack...